How to install ViPER4Android Sound Mod on Android Nougat


The famous sound mod, ViPER4Android is available for Android Nougat. In this post we are about to have a look at a method to install ViPER4Android sound mod on Android Nougat powered phones.

A variety of sound mods is currently available for Android OS. ViPER4Android is the most popular and most widely used sound mod as it comes with a lot of options. It doesn’t matter whether you want to generate surround sound, you want to generate the cinematic sound or any other kind of sound mode, ViPER4Android is going to have it all. It isn’t new at all, the foundation of ViPER4Android was laid many years ago. ViPER4Android supports thousands of Android smartphones starting from Android Jelly Bean to the latest Android 7.1 Nougat. For the Android Nougat, the mod was updated very recently. If you are not liking the current sound experience of your smartphone, you can install the ViPER4Android to enhance the speaker and headphones sound immediately. ViPER4Android is probably the best choice for the users who happen to be music freaks and also own an Android powered smartphone.

The installation of ViPER4Android on your Android smartphone is incredibly easy. It doesn’t require a zip file to be flashed on your phone, it doesn’t require you to go through any hard and fast rules. All you need to do is to grab and APK file of the mod and install it as a normal APK on your phone. It just requires root access, which is what you probably have as we are assuming that you are an Android power user while you are here on this page. Setting up ViPER4Android is also easy after its installation. Let’s have a look on the installation process and then set it up.

How to install ViPER4Android Sound Mod on Android Nougat

  1. Make sure your phone is rooted.
  2. Download and extract the ViPER4Android file to get the required APK files.
  3. Transfer the APK files to your phone.
  4. On your phone go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
  5. Now using a file manager, locate the APK files and install both the APK files on your phone. It is totally up to you whether you want to install the ViPER4Android APK file as system app or as a user app.
  6. Now get back to the app drawer on your phone, locate the FX/XHiFi application icon and run it.
  7. As soon as it asks for root access, allow it. It will start installing audio drivers now.
  8. It will show you the following driver modes now:
    • No modes: For processors with or without VFP .

    • Battery Saving: Available for all processors with NEON.

    • High Quality Mode: Available for processors with NEON.

    • Super Audio Quality: Available for processors with NEON.

  9. Choose the driver according to your liking.
  10. Once the installation ends, reboot your phone.
  11. Now depending on your choice, follow normal mode if you want ViPER4Android to work and if you wish the current mode to work, go with the compatible mode.
    1. For Normal mode, go to Sound settings > Music effects > Choose ViPER4Android as long as FX is not installed.
    2. Now open V4A FX and XHiFi, tap menu > change the FX Compatible mode to Normal Mode.
    3. For Compatible mode, Do not touch anything in the sound settings.
    4. Open V4A FX and XhiFi, and in menu change the FX Compatible mode to Compatible mode.
  12. That’s all.
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