How to Fix Google Pixel 2 Blurry Panorama Issue [Root]


Google flagships  Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have arguably the best cameras among the flagship devices. Since their launch last year they are considered amongst the best camera smartphones. Google has made the two best smartphones currently available and they leave Apple’s iPhone X and Samsung’s Galaxy S9 totally outgunned.  Google Pixel 2 blurry panorama issue has been around for 9 months without a fix from Google, is now said to have been fixed by a community developer. The photos appear to be in focus while taking the panorama, but the resulting photo is out of focus. Moreover, it became a great snag.

Many users have been reporting the problem in the Google Product forums and Issue’s tracker from a time. The issue eventually was sorted out and got a fix. However, the fix requires users to root their phones. The firmware version of the fix specified is walleye-opm4.171019.021.q1-factory-a4b25146, so make sure that you are on that version if you want to try this fix, if not it may completely break the camera.

The developer also provided a before and after image, so you can see how it looks below here.


  • Make sure you’ve rooted your device using Magisk. You can download the latest Magisk Manager APK. The current version is 5.7.0 and you can download it from the official Github page
  • Install ADB & Fastboot tools on your PC. You can follow our simple guide which lets you install ADB & Fastboot tools in 15 seconds.

How to Fix Google Pixel 2 blurry panorama issue

Method 1: Fix using ADB Commands.

  1. Connect your device to PC now using a USB cable and open the command prompt on PC.
  2. Enter the following commands below one by one.
    adbpush<<PATH_TO_DOWNLOADED_SO_FILE>> /data/local/tmp
    adb shell mount -o remount,rw /vendor
    adb shell cp /data/local/tmp/ /vendor/lib/hw
    adb shell mv /vendor/lib/hw/ /vendor/lib/hw/
    adb shell mv /vendor/lib/hw/ /vendor/lib/hw/
  3. Reboot your phone now.

Method 2: Magisk Module

If you’re not much into the commands stuff, XDA Recognized Developer frap129 has developed a magisk module which will apply this fix. All you need to do is to download the “Pixel 2 Blurry Panorama Fix” module in Magisk and install it on your Pixel smartphone.

  1. Open Magisk app and tap on “Downloads” option.
  2. Now search for “Pixel 2 Blurry Panorama Fix” and tap on the download button next to it.
  3. You’ll see a popup asking for confirmation, click on “Install” This will download and install the module.
  4. Reboot the device.

That’s all. You can enjoy clear panorama pictures now on your Google Pixel 2 smartphone.

Source: XDA

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