Best Xposed modules for Android Nougat 7, Lollipop & Marshmallow


Android Pro user is nothing without Xposed modules, Download the Best Xposed modules for Android Nougat 7, Lollipop & Marshmallow.

If you are an Android user and want to get the complete potential and freedom of Android then you must Root your Android device. Once you are done with Rooting then comes to the best part Xposed modules which will give an amazing user experience that you cannot enjoy on iOS.

In this Post, I’ll share with you the top best Xposed modules. If you have awareness of Jailbreak and how it works then you’ll get know Xposed modules better, Xposed modules allow you easily make changes on system level and the best part is you don’t have mess with Android core codes. Xposed modules works in the same as any Android app do if you get bored with any tweak or app, Just uninstall or disable it and restart your device.

Root Android device is the easy part, once you have gained the root access on your Android device then comes the difficult part, now you don’t what Xposed modules is good and what it does once you installed it. That is where we come, following is the list of top best Xposed modules 2017 for Android Nougat 7, Lollipop & Marshmallow.

top best Xposed modules
Enjoy top best Xposed modules 2017.

Top 10 Xposed Modules of 2017:

1. Gravity Box:

top best Xposed modules
Gravity Box: Image Credit.

Gravity Box is the best of the best in Xposed Modules family, If you don’t have this module on your Android device then you have seen nothing. In simple words you can change your Android world using Gravity Box, there is nothing that cannot be enhanced by Gravity Box. The main features for which this Xposed module is famous CyanogenMod Pie Controls, Launcher tweaks, Hardware key actions, Power tweaks & Notification control. For more please visit the links below.

Gravity Box: Lollipop | Marshmallow | Kitkat | Nougat [ Coming Soon ].

2. Amplify Battery Extender:

Amplify Battery Extender

Many of us have faced battery drain issue after updating to Marshmallow then Amplify might be the solution. This is the best battery saver modules you can find, Amplify has same functionality like Greenify but with more features. The basic function of Amplify is that it takes care of wake locks, a function which prevents your device from entering deep sleep.

3. XPrivacy:

top best Xposed modules
XPrivacy Xposed Module

Xprivacy is a permission manager for your Android device, it allows you to take control of functions and data permissions for your apps. You can set which function and data an app can access after installing it. All the apps installed on Marshmallow automatically get the Internet permission, but after installing XPrivacy you can overcome situations like this.

4. Greenify:

top best Xposed modules

Greenify not only improve your device battery life also if you are looking for best performance then you must install this app. We install apps daily and most of the time there are some apps who make our device laggy and leech the battery, Greenify put such apps in hibernation.

Price: Free

5. Xstana:


If you are getting bored of your stock navigation bar and want to change it, re-style, add new option and more, then you need to install XSTANA. A free Xposed Framework which allow you to change your device status and navigation bar. You do it by installing custom roms but why would go through all the hassle instead of that just install Xstana and see the magic.

6. BootManager:


When our Android system boots up automatically there are many apps which at that time start loading up and cause of that our device take more time than usual. The biggest disadvantage of this process is waste of power, BootManager helps you to select the app whom you don’t want to be loading while your device is booting.

Price: Free

7. WhatsApp Extensions:

WhatsApp Extensions

WhatsApp is the most used cross platform messenger, everyone use WhatsApp because it free and simple. Now if you want to enjoy more freedom while using WhatsApp, try installing WhatsApp Extensions by Xposed. You can enjoy features like Hide last seen, Hide read receipts, Hide delivery reports, Lock facility to individual chats, Zoom profile photo, Per contact custom wallpaper & lot more.

WhatsApp Extensions: Download

8. Awesome Pop-up Video:

Awesome Pop-up Video

If you love to do multitasking on your Android devices then you really need to install Awesome Pop-up Video. This app is a third-party video player which can play video in a pop-up window, so no more dual windows.

Awesome Pop-up Video
Price: Free
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