How To Fix Camera App Freezes on iPhone 6/6 Plus

People who are facing camera app freezes issues on iPhone 6 / 6 Plus we have found few working solutions. People are reporting when ever they open camera app on iPhone 6, it suddenly freezes all they can see is the black screen. Also we have seen on some forums users reporting that their camera app is not opening.

There are many reason which can cause Camera App Freezes on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It can be technical glitches or bad software update. Here’s how you can fix Camera App Freezes on iPhone 6/6 Plus.

How To Fix Camera App Freezes on iPhone 6/6 Plus

How To Fix Camera App Freezes on iPhone 6/6 Plus:

Step#1: First you to update your iPhone 6 to latest iOS.

Step#2: Go to settings on your iPhone 6/6Plus.

Step#3: Now Tap on General.

Step#4: Tap on Software Update.

Step#5: After updating you have to perform Hard Reset.

Perform a Reset:

Step#6: Open Setting.

Step#7: Tap on General.

Step#8: Now Tap on Reset.

Step#9: Tap on Reset All Settings.

Manual Restore your iPhone 6 – 6 Plus.

Step#10: Now perform a manual Restore.

Step#11: Connect your device to PC or Mac.

Step#12: Open iTunes.

Step#13: Now select your iPhone from the menu.

Step#14 Click on Restore.

All Done!

At this moment these are all the possible solutions to fix Camera App Freezes on iPhone 6/6 Plus.

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