First Time iPhone 6s Photos Leaked Online in High Quailty

Apple is expected to announce the new upcoming next-generation model of iPhone, iPhone 6s. Some high quality leaked photos of the new model explain a lot about the internal and external aspects of the phone where the external design is not much different from the previous one. However, there has been a lot of prominent changes made to the internal structure.



It has been confirmed now the iPhone 6s will be coming with “Force Touch” tech that is already supported by the Apple Watch and MacBooks. Moreover, a “proven source” has provided and in-depth look of what the iPhone 6s is going to be like along with it’s internal Layout. The next generation iPhone has a skin similar to the present iPhone 6 model with more or less the same rear design. The change in the rear design was not much looked forward to as previously it was seen during the launch of iPhone 5s from iPhone 5.


It is seen that the device has a lot of similarities with the previous model externally as well as few changes have come into notice internally. The plastic antenna lines are still seen as a prominent part of the design. In addition to the plastic lines, a metal alloy that could support radio signals transmission was also expected to be seen but it seems like they have not included that yet as a part of the new model. Just like a similar rear design structure, the design at the bottom of the phone is also much similar to the current iPhone 6. A part from the addition of a new, powerful processor and Force Touch features, other hardware aspects are yet to be unveiled.

iPhone 6s Leaked Photos and Concepts








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