Everything We Know About Google Pixel Buds


Who knew that the earbuds could also be SMART? Google changed your perception about earbuds yesternight when it revealed the news of Google Pixel Buds, the earplugs that come with an inbuilt assistant and a Bluetooth feature. Indeed we have some of the best headphones and Bluetooth speakers already in the market. But, have you ever reckoned what it would be like to have the smart Bluetooth earbuds?

The Google Pixel Buds are the hot topic of the news since last night as they are going to be the first pair of headphones with Assistant built-in. It’s indeed exciting to get a sneak peek at the anticipated product. Google Pixel Buds are not just the regular headphones but are going to be connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth or by a wire. The unique feature of the Google Pixel Buds is the Assistant that is built in.

Sneak Peek at the Google Pixel Buds

Appearance and Colors

These smart earbuds are circular in shape. They come in three colors, Clearly White, Kinda Blue, and Just Black. They have been crafted for your comfort and ease as they come with an adjustable loop. This means that you don’t have to worry about the earbuds falling off during doing your treadmill or jogging down the street in the morning. The Google Pixel Buds are going to stay in their place and won’t fall off from the ears while you’re carrying out your daily activities. The true companion, isn’t it?

Battery Life

Talking about its battery life, Google has claimed that it has a listening time of around five hours on just a single charge. Isn’t it great? Moreover, the Google Pixel Buds have a 24 hours’ worth of battery life in the charging case’s 620 mAh battery. This means you are not going to run out of the charging easily.

Google Assistant

The features that make these earbuds stand out is the Google Assistant that you can access real quickly via pressing on the right earbud.  This earbud has been made sensitive to touch and in this way, you’ll be able to play/pause the track. You can even control the volume.

Real-time Translation of Different Languages

Yet another standout feature of the Pixel Buds is the real-time translation. The Pixel Buds makes use of the Google Translate and machine learning, which means that these earbuds can actually translate conversations in real time. Therefore, if you are talking to a person that doesn’t speak your language, you can understand them through this unique feature. It supports up to 40 languages.

How to Pre-Order?

You can pre-order the Pixel Buds from today. These smart earbuds will hit the shelves in November and the price would be just $149. This means they are going to be affordable.

We hope that you enjoyed learning about the Pixel buds. The Google Pixel buds will be able to work with Android Marshmallow and above or iOS 10 or higher. Are you planning to buy the Google Pixel Buds? Let us know in the comments.

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