Fix DPKG_LOCKED iOS 11.3.1 Cydia Issue After Electra Jailbreak

Let’s tell you how you can Fix DPKG_LOCKED iOS 11.3.1 Cydia Issue After Electra Jailbreak. I’ve seen many users are complaining about DPKG_LOCKED issues once they have Jailbroken their iOS device using Electra Jailbreak. We have found a simple yet effective solution to help you all out. Let’s get started now.

This error may not seem like a big nondescript, but it does prevent you from Jailbreaking your device. Back in the days, Jailbreak was easy but nowadays it’s not. Although it seems easy for most of the users. But when you get in the basket then you’ll get to know what you are buying.

Now once you get this error ” DPKG_LOCKED “, that means now you cannot Jailbreak your device and also cannot install Cydia. Things are pretty hot in the Jailbreak community and a large number of users have faced this issue. That means you will find a number of solutions out there. But trust me every shiny thing is not gold.

Our solution is 100% working and we have tested it before posting it on Techbeasts. Heed the instructions below in order to Fix DPKG_LOCKED iOS 11.3.1 Cydia Issue After Electra Jailbreak. 



Fix DPKG_LOCKED iOS 11.3.1 Cydia Issue After Electra Jailbreak:

The most popular solution which is currently everybody is trying, Un-Install or Delete Electra and after that Re-Jailbreak your device using Electra. It has worked for a few but not for all. Heed the instructions below to Fix DPKG_LOCKED iOS 11.3.1 Cydia Issue.


  • First, you have to download the Delectra script ( Try this URL ( ).
  • Now open your favorite FTP tool, connect your iOS device and now all you have to do is copy the newly downloaded script into the ../../electra folder.
  • Open Terminal on a Mac to add SSH into your device.
  1. * cd..
  2. ^ cd..
  3. # cd electra
  • Once you are through with the above commands, Run “sh”. command.
  • This process will eliminate Electra from your device.

That’s all. Now, this is the time when I think you should give it another try using our Electra iOS 11.3.1 tutorial. Moreover, you can download the Electra 1131 1.0.2 Jailbreak Update.

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