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Tumblr maybe not in the highlights but the fact still remains. Tumblr is one of the biggest microblogging and social networking website. Millions of user still use Tumblr. Moreover, you can upload Audio or Music files on Tumblr. But not everyone knows how to download Tumblr audio files.

Here’s in this post, I’ll tell you how you can download Tumblr Audio files or Download Audio or Music from Tumblr.  I have used several methods to perform such task. All of them worked for me, now let’s share it with you all.

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How To Download Tumblr Audio Files:

I have used different methods to download audio files from Tumblr. Third-party software, Apps, and Browser Add-ons. Choose what suits you best, all the methods are working.

Download Audio from to PC using Browsers:


  • Launch FireFox and download Greasemonkey Add-On.
  • Once the Add-on is installed, Restart your FireFox. [ Make sure the Monkey Icon is FireFox toolbar ].
  • Now you have to install TumTaster extension on your FireFox. Once installed, Restart your FireFox.
  • Open Tumblr on your browser, find the Audio or Music file you want to download. Play it and you can easily download Tumblr Audio now.


  • Open Chrome, Install TumTaster extension.
  • Once the extension is installed, enabled it from extension page.
  • Load Tumblr in Chrome and find the Audio or Music you want to download.
  • Play it and then right click -> Select Save link as.

System Audio Recorders:

  • You can use any Audio Recorder, but I would suggest WavePad. It is the one of the best and most favorite of all time.
  • Download and Install WavePad on your PC/Mac.
  • Open Tumblr, Play the file you want to download.
  • Run WavePad, click on the recording button. Make sure you have set recording settings to turn on System audio and turn off Microphone device.
  • Now all you have to is click on the stop button when you want to or when the song or audio is finished.

Inspect the Page for URL:

This method is not for all. You have to be a pro to use that method. It is more complex than others. If you have a little know-how of HTML, then it will be a piece of cake.

  • Open Tumblr on your browser. Open the Music file and Play it.
  • Right-click on that page, Select Inspect.
  • You’ll see a new windows right side of your screen. Click on the Network Tab located on the top of the developer console.
  • Now click on the play button. When you will play that audio file, you’ll see a new URL appearing in the network tab.
  • Right-Click on that link and select open in the new window.
  • In the new window, right click again and select save video as for Chrome and for FireFox select save audio as.

Download Tumblr Audio on your Android devices:

On your Android devices, it’s more than easy to download an audio file from Tumblr. All you have to do is install an App and heed the instructions below.

  • Download Timbloader for Tumblr on your Android.
Timbloader for Tumblr
Price: Free
  • Open the Tumblr app.
  • Open the media file you want to download and Tap on the share button.
  • Select Timbloader in the list.
  • Timbloader will collect all the required information, Once it is done, Click on the Download Button.

That’s all.

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