Samsung Good Lock 2019 Plugins APK (NiceShot, Task Changer, NotiStar & More)


The Samsung Good Lock 2019 is your all-in-one customization app for the One UI. With the help of the latest plugins like the Nice Shot and NotiStar, the Good Lock 2019 has become much more useful. From this post, you can download the Samsung Good Lock 2019 APK. You can also download Good Lock 2019 Plugins APK. All of the Good Lock 2019 Plugins including Multistar, Lockstar, Task Changer, NavStar, QuickStar, Nice Shot, NotiStar, Nice Catch, and others are available here. Before you download the Good Lock 2019 APK or its plugins, let me give you an idea of this app.

Good Lock 2019 APK

Samsung Good Lock 2019

The purpose of Good Lock app is to enhance the UI of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Good Lock Add-ons bring in new features and options for the system of your Samsung device.

Samsung first introduced the Good Lock in the year 2016. The Good Lock 2016 was released for Android 6 Marshmallow. At that time, the Samsung TouchWiz UI was in use. The Good Lock 2016 allowed TouchWiz users to add new features and options with the help of that app. Good Lock was updated in 2017 for Android Nougat, in 2018 for Android Oreo, and now in 2019, it has been updated for Android 9 Pie.

Good Lock 2019 works on all Galaxy phones running on Android 9 Pie. You can make the already-good Samsung One UI eye-popping now. The feature-rich plugins of Good Lock 2019 will make you fall in love with your phone once again.

Good Lock 2019 APK

While the Good Lock app itself is just like a dashboard or control panel, you have to install all the Plugins one by one. You can either install the Good Lock 2019 with its Plugins from the Galaxy App Store, or you can download their APKs manually.

Unfortunately, Good Lock 2019 is limited to only 5 countries at the moment. If you are living in a country like South Korea, the US, UK, or Canada, you can get the Good Lock from the Galaxy App Store. But if you are living outside, your only option is to install it via the APKs.

This brings us to the purpose of this guide. You can find the Good Lock 2019 APK, the Good Lock 2019 Add-ons, and the Good Lock 2019 Plugins APKs here.

Good Lock 2019 APKDownload

Remember that the Good Lock 2019 APK will only work with the help of a VPN. You will first download and install a VPN on your Android phone. After that, you will connect to a country like the US or South Korea, and then you will install the Good Lock 2019 APK. Installing and opening the Good Lock 2019 without the VPN connected to eligible locations will fail this app.

Good Lock 2019 Alternative – Nice Lock

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of using a VPN, you need a Good Lock 2019 Alternative which is as good as the original app. The Nice Lock app is here to do the job for you. This application looks 110% like the Good Lock app. The only downside here is that you have to install the plugins manually after installing the Nice Lock app. The plugins will only appear as installed in the Nice Lock app if you have installed them one by one through their APKs.

Nice Lock APK

Apart from this, the Nice Lock is the kind of app that I can recommend any given day to use as a replacement of the Good Lock 2019.

Nice Lock APKDownload

Samsung Good Lock 2019 Add-ons/Plugins

  1. Multistar
  2. Lockstar
  3. Task Changer
  4. Clockface
  5. NavStar
  6. QuickStar
  7. Routines
  8. Edge Lighting+
  9. One Hand Operation +
  10. Edge Touch
  11. Nice Catch
  12. Sound Assistant
  13. NotiStar
  14. Nice Shot

Good Lock 2019 Plugins APK

Before you go through each plugin individually, I would like to tell you that I have uploaded all of them altogether as well. You can download Good Lock 2019 file and extract it to get all add-ons. Otherwise, you can also get them one by one from below.


The Multistar plugin is built for enhancing the multi-windows and multitasking feature of the Galaxy phones. This app will let you use multi-windows without pausing one of the windows now. The pop-up view action brings the old diagonal-swipe to launch multi-windows back to the phones. You can change the split-screen color too. Another great use of the Multistar app is to enable multi-windows for all the apps.

MultiStar APK

Multistar APKDownload


Lockstar brings tens of new styles for the lock screen of Galaxy phones. You can change the Unlock Type on the phone to swipe, swipe up, swipe down, swipe left, and swipe right. It will let you disable the system clock on the lock screen. Item Visibility on the lock screen can be changed in this app. Remember that these lock screen settings are not there in the native settings of One UI. 

LockStar APK

Lockstar APK – Download

Task Changer

Remember using that Nova Launcher, the Action Launcher, and many others that were there? Those launchers had a cool feature which was to scroll the screens in the form of a cube or make a carousel. You have the same options for the Recent Apps menu in Task Changer. Alongside the Carousel, you get the List, Grid, Stack, and Slim List options for the recent apps. To be honest, this is the plugin that I personally like the most. Its just way-way better than the stock look of the recent apps cards.

Task Changer APK

Task Changer APK – Download


Want to change the look of the clock on the lock screen or on the home screen? Or you just don’t like the way clock looks on the always-on-display? Its time to change it. You can use the Clockface to customize it the way you want.

ClockFace APK

Clockface APK Download


Another favorite of mine. The NavStar will give your navigation buttons a funny look. It uses the structures or sketches of emojis to replace the typical navigation buttons on Samsung One UI. It has over 5 different styles for the navigation buttons.

NavStar APK

NavStar APKDownload


QuickStar can change the look and feel of the notifications panel and the toggles section. You can change the entire color of the notifications panel. It also adds the pop-up view button to the notifications. You can also decide what indicator icons you want in the status bar. You can disable them all, or activate a few of them to keep the status bar neat and clean. 

QuickStar APK

QuickStar APKDownload


The basic purpose of routines is to set automated tasks on the phone. For example, you want your phone to tell you when to watch a movie, when to play or pause the songs, when to call someone, or when to take a picture, you can do this all by setting up routines. By default, you do get the Routines as a part of the Samsung Bixby platform, but these Routines make it much more easy to set up because you get the pre-built templates.

Good Lock 2019 Routines APK

Routines APKDownload

Edge Lighting+

Edge Lighting+ is only for the edge-powered handsets. This adds a very beautiful lighting effect around the edges of phones. If you have a phone like the Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus, you can add a lighting effect around the camera cutout with the help of this app. Edge Lighitng+ does not work on Samsung phones that have flat displays.

Edge Lighting+ APKDownload

One Hand Operation +

The navigation gestures are already here, but they are difficult to use with one hand. The One Hand Operation + is basically a version of Navigation Gestures for one-handed use. These gestures are enabled anywhere on the screen. You can swipe in or out from the right and left to perform your desired task. 

One Hand Operation + APK

One Hand Operation + APKDownload

Edge Touch

Edge-phones look cool, but they have a problem. The edge is sensitive to touches. Your phone can detect touch while it’s in your pocket or it is lying around. To get rid of this problem, you can get the Edge Touch. It gives the option to specify the areas where you don’t want the touch to be detected. 

Edge Touch APK

Edge Touch APKDownload

Nice Catch

As its name suggests, it is such a nice app. Nice Shot keeps an eye on the activity of your apps. It can tell you what application caused vibration at what time. It can also detect what application used the ringer on the phone. The Call mode history can be tracked there too. It also keeps an eye on the apps that show you weird ads. At times, anonyms apps wake the screen up and we cannot figure them out. The Nice Catch will catch those apps too. If you have been getting annoyed lately because of the suspicious activity done by the apps, its time to nicely catch them.

Nice Catch APK

Nice Catch APKDownload

Sound Assistant

The Sound Assistant gives you extended control over the volume settings. You can control the sounds of each individual app now. The Sound Assistant has its in-built equalizer too. You can also use the dual app sound, which let two apps use the speakers at the same time. You can also set a specific app to use the speaker or headphone on the phone. It has some other useful options like Reverse stereo, alerts through the headphone, and favorite media app. 

Sound Assistant APK

Sound Assistant APKDownload


NotiStar was released very recently. It is, in fact, a part of the Good Lock 2019. The NotiStar adds a filter to your notifications. You can quickly search through your cluttered notifications using a specific keyword. You can also choose what apps should send you the notifications. The UI used by NotiStar is really easy-on-the-eyes.

Noti Star APK

NotiStar APK for Nice Lock – Download

NotiStar APK for Good Lock – Download

Nice Shot

The last plugin in this list is the Nice Shot. It is the screen capture plugin with extended features. For example, you can change the quality and format of the screenshots. It also adds a native video recording button to the screenshots. Whenever you take a screenshot, a video recorder appears which can record the screen in high quality. It also records the audio.

Nice Shot APK

Nice Shot APKDownload

Note: All the Good Lock 2019 APKs attached above are safe and sound to install. Furthermore, all the APKs are the latest versions as of May 16, 2019.

In order to install the Good Lock 2019 and these plugins, you can follow this guide: How to install Samsung Good Lock 2019

That’s all. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us.

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