Download Latest Dubsmash 1.6.1 APK


Dubsmash is viral for quite a while now. Just in case you don’t know about this application, this viral and crazy app allows you to dub yourself behind a famous tone, voice clip or a song. You can record your video while singing your favorite song, some famous voice clip to make others laugh, wish someone a happy birthday with a happy birthday song and a lot more. Dubsmash offers a vast list of Sounds to pick a clip from. Dubsmash has hit million of downloads and is improving further at the moment. The developers have remained pretty much concerned with the improvements in this application. Dubsmash has received a new update which takes the version number to v 1.6.1 now. ┬áThe new update fixes some bugs and brings a new registration flow.

Latest version of Dubsmash is already available in the Google Play Store but just in case you haven’t received this update or if the Google Play Store is inaccessible at your end, you may want to update to the latest version manually or you may want to install Dubsmash manually. This can be done if you have the APK file and we have already pulled the Dubmsash 1.6.1 APK file for all of you. The download link is available below. Just go ahead, download, install, dub a famous sound and share it with your buddies.dubmash-20150417_B52342F74D4640709A752665B9E81E4F

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