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Frostborn is the latest game by the developers of Last Day on Earth. Here is the latest Frostborn Android APK pulled by us. This Frostborn APK will work on all Android phones in all the countries.

Frostborn Android APK

Before you download the Frostborn APK, let me give you a brief idea of this game.

Frostborn – What this game is about?

Frostborn is the latest role-playing-game from Kefir, the developers of Last Day on Earth. The action-adventure game promises to give the players a unique RPG experience that they have never had before. The game is set in a beautiful world full of sceneries and dangers at the same time.

Frostborn is actually quite similar to the Last Day on Earth Survival, but the developers have emphasized on the multiplayer mode on Frostborn. When LDOE came out and it didn’t work quite well, the developers did realize that there was a need for the game with a better multiplayer mode. I believe that their game with the best multiplayer integration is Frostborn. This game was under developer for last 2 or 3 years and its finally out in a couple of countries.

Frostborn Gameplay

Frostborn is taking place in the ancient Scandinavia. The goal in this game is to become the greatest Viking of all the time. On your mission to becoming the most powerful Viking, you can join hands with others. This game implements the real multiplayer mode as I mentioned above. Players can form a base where they can invite other players to join them. The cooperative basis will give the players a stronger defense. In the form of groups, players can raid the bases of enemies. They can break into abandoned buildings to find the items to fill in their inventory.

Remember that the very first thing you have to do is to find a Pickaxe and a hatchet. Without these, you will not be able to chop the trees or crush the larger stones. Also, it is better to have the weapons to deal with wolves and zombies. Yes, you can smash the wolfs and zombies too, but it would be better with a weapon. At a time, you can store only 10 items in the inventory, so make sure that you store the items that you need only. Do not save unnecessary items that you cannot use at your current level. Going into your backpack will show you all the items that you can equip at your current level/stage.

Loot the Wolves, Loot the Zombies, Loot the Enemies

Like the LDOE, players will loot the zombies, animals, and enemies. The meat of wolves can be eaten in the game, and their skin can be used to craft something. Players can also pick up the resources which are spread all over the forest too. These can be really useful resources, but be careful while picking them up. As mentioned above, filling your inventory with useless items is not a good idea either. Gamers will craft their own weapons, own groceries, crockery, and their own vehicles. This game boasts of a handful of locations.

The developers have done justice with the locations in this game by keeping its graphics as good as they could. The atmospheric sound environment is a perfect combination with those HD graphics.

Over the top of all those nice features and with such seamless gameplay, Frostborn comes for free. Frostborn is already out in Canada and a few other countries. The game will soon make its way to other countries.

Download Frostborn Android APK

If you can’t wait for Frostborn to make it to your country officially, you can install it right now too. That can be done by getting its APK. Before making this guide, I did try a number of Frostborn APKs and they all failed to work. The Frostborn APK gave me the “New version available” error. Upon trying to update to the new version, you will see that the game is not available in the Play Store and that’s it. So, you do need an APK that will work, and we have that. I personally extracted the latest Frostborn APK from the Play Store. Frostborn was updated on May 28th, and the APK linked here is of the 28th May update. It will not give you any errors. You can install this on any Android handset running on Android 4.1 or higher.

  1. Frostborn APKDownload
  2. Copy Frostborn Android APK to your phone.
  3. Using a File Manager, open the APK and install it.
  4. Now open Frostborn from the drawer.
  5. Connect with the Play Games and choose your character.
  6. Your adventure starts now. Best of luck.

You can find Frostborn in the Play Store here.

Wrap Up

That’s all. I hope that by now, you have Frostborn running on your Android handset. The APK given above is completely safe and sound. If you don’t want to use the APK, you will have to use a VPN to connect to Canada. After that, you will make a new Google Account from Canada, open the Play Store with that account and then install this game. Since this is a very long method, I’d recommend going with the APK. If you have anything to say, feel free to drop it in the comments section below. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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