Best Super Hero games you can play right now


Who doesn’t get fascinated by kick ass Super Heroes who save the day and the world from the evil forces hell bent on destroying it. They are timeless and classic, fitting into any era and encapsulating our over eager imagination over what more is there. Reading super hero comics and walking through their story is one thing. But how would you like to jump right into action and fit right into the shoes of your favorite super heroes. The best way to do that is to dive right into an action packed super hero game for your mobile and tablets.

Justice League Action Run

Jump right into the world of superheroes in Justice League Action Run by Warner Bros. Select your heroes and assist them in defeating the enemy. You can choose from Batman, Super Man, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and FireStorm to name a few. Shake your team up and go on different missions. There are 150 missions in total divided into different chapters, at the end of each chapter the selected team will have to ‘Defeat the Boss’. You will be able customize your heroes and as you play, you get to unlock additional abilities that boost their power. Upgrade your heroes with new costumes, gears and even new super powers. Along with that take a breather and read up different facts on your heroes, follow their story in comic books and also view different videos. The game is fun and addictive and gives you a chance to play along side your favorite heroes from the Justice League world.

DC Legends

Ascend to greatness or face the extinction in DC Legends! With the rise of Blackest Night Prophecy and collapsing DC Universe, it is becoming a challenge to save the universe and restore peace. It is you who will ultimately have to team up with DC’s greatest Superheroes and Super-villains to battle against the wrath of Nekron and the Manhunters.  A definitive RPG experience in a story based battles on DC’s favorite locations, with your favorite Superheroes and Super-villains – Batman, Superman, Flash and more – will decide the DC Universe future. The coolest team up ever with your personal Lantern Corp and allegiance of the Justice League from DC’s Heroes and Villains, and you even get to team up many unlikely allies for your missions. You get to collect gears and special abilities for your characters to enhance their optimal abilities to fight battles, and then become a legend by scoring 5 stars for your Superhero and Super-Villain with extraordinary boosters. An ultimate experience of cinematic action from your favorite DC heroes, ability to team up and fight other players will lead you to be a legend of this game.

Batman: Arkham Underworld

If you are super into DC comics and most of all Gotham City Villains, then this is the super-action game you should delve right into. Play as a criminal mastermind and build your very own criminal empire with Gotham City’s top villains. Game is actually based around Akhram Asylum, where you have to help the villains like Riddler, Scarecrow, Killer Croc, Harley Quinn and more! Escape their detentions and make them a part of your ferocious army. In the story-based missions, you get beat up your enemies, loot them, build hideouts for your thugs and show your rivals who the real deal is.  With Gotham City’s most scoundrel villains and other criminal masterminds by your side, paves your way to be the badass criminal and threat for the entire city, which ultimately leads you to face Batman and beat him up in a fierce battle, to show him who actually rules the Gotham City.

Captain America: TWS

Who doesn’t love Captain America in action? This thriller action-based game, allows you to play as Captain America along with the personal S.H.I.E.L.D. Strike Team. This team up will strike against the enemy organizations that are planning tremendously to attack the world. An intense combat action will require you to use all the tactics available at your disposal and a clever use of your shield, skills of an Avenger and Super Soldier in action. And when at odds, you can always count on your S.H.I.E.L.D. Team, with a little help from Black Widow and Falcon. This game engages you in ultimate battles with your enemies and iconic Marvel villains like King Cobra, Taskmaster, Puff Adder Winter Soldier and more, plus to expose their schemes for destruction of the world. You get to play along with your friends, compete on the leaderboard, unlock and upgrade special suits and ammunition’s, enhancing your team optimal performance through various upgrades; channeling your way for a victory.

Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man Unlimited is a complete spider-verse continuing episodic based action game, with hundreds of Spider-men and Spider-women characters in action. It is a narrative runner based game, where you get to battle the new Sinister Six – the villains – who has opened up endless dimensional portal in the middle of New York. It is now your job to save our dimension from the evil that is engulfing us. Specialty of this game is going beyond as a runner game, to let you fight battles with super villains from various dimensions; and swing, jump, climb and skydive too. Not just that this game has multiple Spider-men and Spider-women characters but variation of super villains as well. An extensive action runner game, engaging you with an iconic experience from comic books; where you get to collect and fuse Spidey cards with specific advantages, plus many cool Spidey operations on daily basis, and have various characters in hand like Spider-Gwen, Scarlet Spider, and Ultimate Spider-Man and more!

Marvel Contest of Champions

Who wouldn’t want to contest in Cosmic Contest of Champions? And who wouldn’t want to fight epic versus battle with Marvel Super heroes and Super Villains? This showdown game; organized by The Collector –greedy Elder of the Universe, has chosen you from Earth to contest against Kang – the Conqueror, Thanos and many more. In this ultimate face-off you get to have a team of your own to become the Marvel Super Champion. This game provides will with an all in one superheroes and super-villains characters, such as: Hulk, Iron Man, Wolverine, Storm, Star-Lord, Gamora, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Magneto and Winter Soldier. Play with your friends in ultimate battles on iconic locations; such as Asgard, The Savage Land, Oscorp and more, form alliances, unleash extraordinary powers and face the mysterious cosmic competitor to save the Marvel-verse. Have a collection of heroes and villains to aid you up in battles and increase bonuses for you along with special powers; in a special journey inspired by classic Marvel storyline.

Marvel Future Fight

With various Multiverse dimensions collapsing and challenging the survival of humanity, MARVEL Future Fight, gives you an experience like never before. As an all in one full on action-based game, you get to team up the greatest superheroes from Marvel series in epic battles to decide the future of the World. On the call of S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury from the future, the humanity is on the verge of destruction, you have to team up with Superheroes and Super-villains to save the universe from its ill-fate. This game lets you explore the Marvel Universe with creating your own one of a kind squad from Avengers and other Marvel heroes. You get to upgrade your arms, master skills and give your team an ultimate boost to level-up. A 3V3 battle lineup, with 4 unique characteristic features – Combat, Blast, Speed and Universal – can be pitched against opponents to achieve supremacy. An easy to play game, with single player RPG module, various special bonuses and formation of alliances, will enhance your experience of Marvel Future Fight.

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