5 Best Dialer Apps for Android [Dialer Replacement] 2020


An Android phone’s dialer is undoubtedly its most essential part and also the most used part. There are limitless possibilities to modify your Android phone. You can load install new launchers to change the look of your phone’s entire UI, you can install themes, you can also change the icons. But the Dialer is one part that we neglect often. We can actually change the look of the dialer as well. There’s a handful of dialer applications in the Google Play Store that can give the dialer a new look. If you’re tired of seeing the same stock dialer of your phone again and again, then here are 5 best dialer Apps for Android that you can use every now and then to bring a new dialer UI on your phone.

5 Best Dialer Apps for Android [Dialer Replacement] 2020

  1. True Caller

True Caller is the most popular dialer application. It’s not only the dialer that makes this application popular. It is also the Caller ID feature that puts it ahead of other dialer applications. Anyone, who has ever installed this application and signed up, is in the loop. True Caller keeps your information safe and sound unless you choose to delete it intentionally.

Any other person using True Caller can easily come across your identity if you are calling him or her. True Callier is useful to identify unknown calls and block the people whom you want to get rid of. True Caller’s Dailer has a very nice and minimalistic UI. This application is recommended as it serves multiple purposes. Besides giving your Dialer a brand new outlook, you can get some benefits from it as well. 

2. Hangouts Dialer

We love a lot of things developed for Android by Google. Google Hangouts Dialer is one of them. Google has managed to put together a very nice combination of colors and UI elements in the Hangouts Dialer application. If you have ever used the Hangouts application, you must have seen it. Hangouts Dialer is now available as a standalone application.

It can be installed on your Android smartphone and replace the stock dialer application. Hangouts Dialer has an outbound UI. Whenever you call a number, it can immediately tell you what country or what location this number belongs to. The outbound caller ID can also inform the call recipient about your identity to make them trust your call. 

3. Contacts, Phone Dialer & Caller ID: drupe

If you want a lot of options right in the dialer of your Android phone, then this drupe dialer is the one you want to go with. Contacts, Phone Dialer & Caller ID: drupe is packed up with the options that you usually find in the operating system of your smartphone. There is a caller ID in this dialer as well. This caller ID can track and block all the unwanted calls and SMS messages for you. The dialer adds extended features to your phone’s screen. You can swipe the screen to quickly call your favorite contacts added in the dialer.

There is an inbuilt call-recorder. It’s time to keep a track of all the incoming and outgoing calls. You can add GIFs to all the outgoing calls. It also comes with its very own phone book in which you can keep your contacts without the duplication issues. It also has a walkie-talkie that you can use to send voice messages to your friends who are also using it. The missed calls manager will make sure that you do not go out of contact with your loved ones. 

4. Dialer+

Dialier+ is another dialer replacement application with some incredible UI elements. Dialer+ also comes with a contacts manager. Like other dialer applications, it also comes with an in-built caller ID to protect you from spammers. Dialer+’s contacts manager keeps backing up your contacts every now and then. All these contacts are saved on the cloud storage to ensure that you never lose them. It also creates a backup of your text messages and call logs. Dialer+ is a blend of a very eye-soothing UI with some handy features. 

Dialer +
Price: Free

5. ZenUI Dialer

If you haven’t already guessed it, this is the dialer from Asus’s ZenUI. ZenUI Dialer also comes with an integrated caller ID and contacts manager. ZenUI Dialer brings only the basic features to avoid any kind of confusion. The integrated contacts manager can take care of duplicate contacts. The caller ID can give you a hint about the unwanted calls and SMS messages.

The smart search feature is bound to come up with your desired contacts before you blink your eye. You can add up to 8 contacts in the speed dial menu. You can also password protect your contacts. A security feature in the dialer captures the picture of anyone trying to break the password of your contacts. 

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