All You Need To Know About The New LG V30


LG has definitely maintained its reputation and former glory till date and is off to set a new record by the launch of the incredibly smart LG V30. Expected to hit the shelves soon with the LG V30 release date being in September 2017, this product comes with an eye catching design and features an outstanding camera. Experts anticipate that the LG V30 is going to be a perfect package of entertainment. However, after the announcement of the expected LGV30 price being around 900 EUR, the question whether this smartphone is worth its price, still lingers!

What’s All The BUZZ About?

This handset comes with a slim, sleek and beautifully curved body is light in weight and adds to your style. Giving you a sneak peek to the LG V30 features, it’s most outstanding feature is its wide-angled 16 MP camera which clicks crisp and clear images in all light conditions. Thus, it is safe to say that LG V30 is all geared up to give you a dynamic experience with brighter display, enjoyable apps, and high-resolution OLED camera leaving you more entertained and productive than ever!

LG V30 – Specifications & Features:

 Incredible Camera:

With its magnificent features and an eye catching body, LG V30 release is bound to break all the records. LG V30 features an incredible 16 MP camera. This phone is all set to become a style statement after its launch. You will experience remarkable improvements in LG’s camera quality as well as its processor.

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Energy Efficient Battery:

The best thing about LG V30 is that it is not power hungry. It is faster and has a great battery life due to its energy-efficient battery. Because it has a faster CPU installed in it, it has an extended battery life. Not only that, it comes with wireless charging option! Say goodbye to all the annoying wires and cables!

Vivid Display:

Unlike the ordinary smartphones available in the market, LG V30 specifications include the  OLED display, thus becoming a trendsetter for its competitors. The screen is almost 6-inches and 2880 x 1440. The display is vivid, bright and clear for the users.

Smooth Performance:

Coming with the Snapdragon 835 SoC, this smartphone is much better than the previous. LG has always lagged behind a bit when it comes to the software. But this time, LG V30 specifications are a promising package. It has 4GB RAM and you can also enjoy 64GB or 128GB internal storage.

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Gorilla Glass 5:

LG V30 is equipped with the strong and sturdy glass i.e. Gorilla Glass 5 which makes sure that your phone is protected. It is also scratch-resistant and dust-resistant which means that you will have a clear display throughout using this phone. Moreover, this technologically advanced phone has a fingerprint sensor fitted to the rear side of it.

Appearance And Colors:

This appealing phone comes in a range of colors including jet back, shining silver and ocean blue color. It also comes in the glamorous deep purple color. Thus, this phone is going to be loved by people who use their aesthetic sense while picking up a phone.

Pros of
LG V30:

– Curved and bezel-free design

– Faster processor

– Great camera output

Drawbacks of LG V30:

– Curved design might make it difficult to use.

–  Fingerprints and smudges can be left on screen

– Expensive

Recommended Or Not?

Having flawless performance and high power efficiency, this smartphone can be used for multi-tasking. Also, the viewing experience is enhanced due to its innovative display screen equipped with OLED display. However, the LG V30 price is not very affordable, and thus you must re-consider your options while buying it!