4 Steps to Reclaim Disk Space After Windows 10 Free Upgrade [ Tutorial ]

Windows 10 final version was rolled out yesterday, till now millions of users have upgraded their PC’s to the latest version of Windows. Windows 10 came with alot of new and exciting features and as Microsoft CEO said ” Satya Nadella proclaiming that his company’s latest operating system will usher in a “new era”, But when ever a new update is rolled out we face the same issue, lack of storage on space for all of our data. New operating comes with tons of new features so it consume more space, so today those who are still facing such issues after upgrading to Windows 10, they can reclaim disk space after Windows 10 free upgrade.


How To Reclaim Disk Space After Windows 10 Free Upgrade:

Step #1: Open run and search for built-in Disk Cleanup utility.

Step #2: Now when a new windows open up click on select the Clean up system files button.

Step #3: In the next windows you’ll see a list click on Previous Windows Installations and Temporary Windows Installation Files.

Step #4: Now click on OK to start the process, after these files are deleted you’ll get enough of space that you can utilize  for other purpose.

All done its a very easy and simple way, do tell me in comments was it ? helpfull for you or not.

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