4-Must Theme Apps For Your Android Device


There is no doubt that the Custom ROMs are the best options when it comes to customizing and changing your device looks, speed and performance. But on the other hand, there are those who don’t want to install Custom ROMs on their device, because they think that Custom ROMs will destroy their device, or they are just too afraid to install these ROMs. What they want is a Simple solution to give their device amazing looks without rooting or installing Custom ROMs. For such people, 3rd party Launchers are available to give their device not only looks but Speed as well. But for those who are using Nexus devices, why would they be going after Speed in the First place, what they want are the looks from the beginning, well I was a Nexus user and myself tried every sort of Custom ROM on it, but still there was no ROM who gave me the looks I Desired.

Afterwards, I looked for some 3rd Party apps, I never liked Launchers from the start, so there were a lot of Good apps which provided my Nexus 5 some great looks, and since it was Nexus 5 there wasn’t any need to worry about Speed and Performance. I have compiled a List of Theme apps that you should try on your device, especially when it is running pure Android. You won’t be needing any Rooted device for such purpose, just an Android device which should be compatible with these Apps.


Zooper Widgets:

If you are a fan of Widgets or you just like widgets more than any normal theme or look, then Zooper Widget is available on Google Play Store to give you the best widgets experience. In normal circumstances, your default widgets will work only on your Home-Screens, or if there is an option, your device might have the ability to let you use widgets on your Lock-Screen. Zooper Widgets can provide you the best Clock Widgets on your Lock-Screen as well as your Home-Screen. This app is also available in its Pro Verison, with only $1 and you will have the power to customize your device like never before.


Paper icon pack:

Icons is the best way to give your device the best Icons packs available yet, you can apply themes to work with Icons pack, thus giving your device the best look anyone can offer. To use the Icons pack, you might need to apply some custom launchers, each launcher is different but all of them have the option to apply themes and apply Icons pack. Papar Icon pack is, well not the best one available, but still it is a real beauty to be the part of any Droid device.


Behang Wallpapers:

Behang wallpaper app has hit the Play Store last week, and it has become one of the popular apps to hit the Play Store. Wallpapers can be used to give your device some unique looks that can’t be given by any other way possible. These wallpapers set can be found on Play Store for only $1.10.


Themer Beta:

We posted an article on Themer Beta Before, giving you almost all the information about Themer beta, Themer Beta is specially designed to give your device a Beautiful look and there are variety of themes available on it. You don’t need to go through a lot of steps to Configure the themes but only some simple steps will let you Configure everything. To let you know how good it is, Themer Beta was Featured in The New York Times, Wired, Lifehacker, and CNET. But there is something you need to know, that once you apple Themer beta, you shouldn’t change the Wallpaper. Wallpaper in the Theme should’t be changed, otherwise your theme will suck and all of them icons become transparent and you won’t see a thing.


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