Xiaomi Mi MIX 2s to feature iPhone X-like notch on top of its bezel-less frame

After the Mi MIX 2, Xiaomi aims to release the Mi MIX 2s, which is going to be another variant of the company’s bezel-less phone lineup but will offer something different to the user. Xiaomi has ended up obtaining the moniker ‘Apple of China’ because it occasionally copies the design of Apple’s products ranging from its notebook and phone family.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2s iPhone X notch

According to images leaked via Weibo, the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2s looks very similar to the iPhone X because it features the same notch that Apple’s bezel-less phone is touting and was criticized about. The redesign might look appealing to some people but there is going to be one caveat to the whole thing; apps are not going to play nicely with the phone.

With the iPhone X, that is not going to be a problem because Apple will just tell developers to tune the apps for proper optimization on the smartphone. With Xiaomi, the Chinese manufacturer will have to request app developers to do the same and that might not bode well with a lot of people because they will need to put in the extra effort for these applications.

Keep in mind that Xiaomi might sell phones in the millions, but it is still way behind Apple, even at this point. Also, there is no information provided about the hardware and whether it will be better or worse than the Mi MIX 2. If it does get released this year, it will feature a Snapdragon 835 and varied amounts of RAM and storage because Xiaomi has a habit of doing this with phone releases.

The price of the Mi MIX 2s has not been leaked either, but as we move closer towards the start of 2018, we are sure to know when the phone is slated for an announcement.


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