What is new with Nokia 3310 ?


The news that Nokia 3310 is making a come back took the world by storm. Nokia 3310¬†was a feature phone which was launched in 2000. The cellphone is known for its sturdy design, amazing battery life and the fact that it was almost indestructible. With all these features, how will HMD Global produce modern’ Nokia 3310′ so that it retains the best features and combined with contemporary elements?

Reviving a classic in the mobile industry is quite rare because as technology changes and evolves, companies move forward with what is new a popular. The simple feature phone has evolved into a complex technology with multitude features. So, what is new with Nokia 3310?

Nokia 3310 will be slimmer and lighter. In terms of its design, the smartphone is expected to be a mix of the classic Nokia 3310 and Nokia 150. The focus in terms of design of the device will not be beautification rather practicality and sturdiness would be on top of the list.

Apart from that the new Nokia 3310 will support Series 30, as it is a feature phone, so it will not be running Android. Series 30 is an OS for feature phones that runs on phones like Nokia 150. The interface will be colorful, not monochromatic as in the case of the classic Nokia 3310. But the graphics will not be very heavy that it would drain the battery of the device.

Nokia 150

In addition, the modern Nokia 3310 will be available in a variety of colors. The classic blue colored case was swappable, so users could change the color any time. The expected colors are the phone are red, green and yellow. Interesting choices, wouldn’t you say so.

HMD Global will be announcing the modern Nokia 3310 at the Mobile World Congress on 26th February. Apart from a feature phone, the company will announce Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6. Nokia 6 was launched in the Chinese market last month but now it is going global. With Whiting’s joining the event, there is a chance that a new Nokia wearable may also be announced. Let’s see how HMD Global has modernized and revived a classic feature phone.

With the response that the Nokia 3310 received, shows that apart from smartphones, there still is a market for devices which provide battery that would run for days along with a sturdy design and in the case of this feature phone a $60 price tag.

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