US officials outlawed from using devices by Huawei, ZTE, and many other Chinese companies


Donald Trump, the president of the United States, signed the Defense Authorization Act into the law today. The newly signed law will prohibit all the US officials to use any smartphone, gadget or any other smart device by the Chinese companies like ZTE, Huawei and others that operate in the US. The signed document prompts the companies, agencies, contractors, and the employees to say goodbye to their Chinese devices in case they have them, and replace with other devices that are safe to use within the US. The law basically targets the devices take data into account. This means all the communication devices are on the list.

The Defense Authorization Act came into being after the ZTE ban was lifted. Many US congressmen were skeptical to use ZTE devices even after the company paid hefty fines and it also replaced its board of directors. While they still consider ZTE a threat, they went ahead with the decision to not to use these devices instead. It’s not only ZTE that US lawmakers will not be using, they will also boycott all the smart devices by Huawei, Hytera Communications, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Company, and Dahua Technology Company.

It looks like the restriction is only for the government officials. Ordinary consumers will continue to use the devices by all the companies mentioned above.

Back in July 2018, a three-month-long ban was lifted from ZTE. For those 3 months, the company wasn’t allowed to sell anything in China. Chinese manufacturers have been under the dark clouds in the US for quite a while. On the other hand, China allows other manufacturers to sell devices within the country, however, it makes sure that all the companies are following China’s guidelines regarding the software. For example, Chinese Android phones do not have anything called Google in them. China also doesn’t allow any social media giant to work inside the country either.

Huawei recently emerged as the world’s 2nd most popular smartphone brand. It looks like the US ban on Huawei devices will not let Huawei achieve its dream of becoming the world’s number one smartphone brand.


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