Top Google PlayStore alternative ‘App Stores’


PlayStore has remained the main platform for browsing Android apps, downloading and keeping them updated. But, there are some substitutes to PlayStore as well, that came up with some extra features and facilities for the users in one way or the other, which Android’s PlayStore does not provide.

App Brain:

Top Google Play Store alternative app stores

Just like PlayStore, App Brain enables you to search for different apps, install them and update them later on or uninstall apps as required. It acts like your App manager. The apps will be shown to you in the categories where you can browse new or recent apps, hot apps, etc. App Brain makes it very easy to manage your apps and is compatible for Android devices with O.S 2.2 or above.


Top Google Play Store alternative app stores 1

Aptoide is known as the largest independent app store for android. It is available in 17 different languages and is a great alternate to Playstore, as it allows users to download, install and browse android apps. The users can manage their own stores, go through their well updated database, see ratings and comments for apps as well. To get Aptoide you will have to first install KPK file that will allow a third party applications to get installed.

Market Enabler:


Market enabler helps you hide your phone’s location and access the Appstore from a different region in the world. This is helpful to download the apps which are introduced only for specific countries and are not available in others. You can now easily download those apps . Once you have done the job, you can restore your original settings and even set your local region. Simple!



F-Droid works similar to Google Playstore. It makes installation of apps easy and updating app easier by introducing FOSS, free and Open Source Software. You can choose which apps you want to update from within the app enabling you to keep a track of the updates on your device.

Amazon App Store:


It is the easiest way to buy apps online. The app is compatible for all devices with Android 2.2 or later. Amazon enables you to search and browse for apps in categories and buy them online through a simple and reliable process.

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