Snapchat Stories vs Instagram Stories: What’s the difference?


Snapchat Stories vs Instagram Stories: Here is a quick comparison of various feed the applications provide.

Long gone are those days when the literal meaning of stories was supposed to be some printed words on a few pages. Now in this tech era of the 21st century, great tycoons like Snapchat and Facebook are entirely changing the scenario. Just like the arch rivalry between two competitive teams, Instagram and Snapchat have been colliding head-on for quite a few times. A lot of rumors popped that Instagram actually hacked and managed to steal the algorithms. But to be very very clear there is so such thing into existence, I mean how ridiculous is this.

Snapchat Stories vs Instagram Stories

Since there is not much difference between the story feature in both the platforms, so in defense Instagram convinced everyone that the feature was so mesmerizing that they took it. Thus the title of ‘who introduced first’ goes to none other than Snapchat.

I know there’s been a lot of ‘Facebook-owning-thing’ with Instagram since it was bought by Facebook. But honestly, I feel that out all the social networking apps Instagram is the only one in the race that’s able to retain the fun.


Now moving on to the difference between Snap stories and Insta stories let’s understand what exactly a story is? When it’s a kind of innovation that allows you to share photos videos with your friends and loved ones. That has a life span of  24 hours only. This feature helps the user to post certain things for a certain period of time, unlike posting on social media which remains unless and until you delete it.


As stated earlier one can seriously be able to find out the difference between the versions. But it highly depends on the user and how he or she is using it.

Snapchat Stories vs Instagram Stories


While Instagram can be a social silo since more than 300 millions of user uploads stories in a day. Instagram is quite open when it comes to allows you to tag friends and anyone who is your follower or if your account is open can spontaneously respond to your stories, hence it’s a great way to start a long conversation that may change your life. On the other hand, Snapchat can act like some secret service agent. It focuses on a private conversation between you and your friend. It will feel more like a personal feed than sharing.

You can not only share but also can witness what your friend shared a few moments before. The option to discover stories is moreover the same in both the apps but with different names.


Now the most exciting feature of stories is the use of AR filters. Everyone loves to have a puppy face or hearts bursting out of your head on valentines day, cringe, isn’t it? Both the apps have this feature with a wider range of options to choose from.

In both, the applications you can add text, doodles, clip art or GIF to the photos or you can pin it in the shared video. Few additional features like polling, questions, countdowns are available in the updated version of Instagram and is yet to be accomplished by Snapchat.

Snapchat Stories vs Instagram Stories


Instagram                                                 Snapchat

What Instagram really miss is the streak feature that’s the selling point of Snapchat, which occurs once you send stories to friend consecutively for three or more days. Snapchat also notifies the user how many his or her snap was viewed and whether the screenshot is taken or not. Which you won’t find on Instagram. So, in short, you may be caught red-handed by the back end of Snapchat.

Apart from all the similarities and differences these two apps have. But the feature of sharing stories is a game changer, as it gives you a clear cut picture, how’s life for your friend. So it’s your choice with whom you wanna move but make sure you enjoy that.

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