WhatsApp Status vs Instagram Stories: Comparison


The feature of sharing photos, videos or GIF file for a lifetime of twenty-four hours have been one of the most popular thing happening lately. We all know how much the prodigy Mark Zuckerberg loves stories. So after buying WhatsApp for a tremendous amount, he ordered to add the stories feature there also but under a different name called ‘Whatsapp Status’. Now people have been wondering that in spite of having the same owner how these features are different from each other. Well in this following article I am going to note down a few differences between these two iconic features.

WhatsApp Status vs Instagram Stories

WhatsApp Status vs Instagram Stories

The first highlighting difference is the level of privacy. Whatsapp stories can be visible to the people those who are in your contact list can only see your stories only. And you can also select who can see your stories.

While in Instagram if you keep a public profile everyone is free to view your stories and can reply to it, however, this feature can be controlled by certain steps.

  • You can have a private profile, that means only your followers are able to view it.
  • You can go to your followers and select those, from whom you want to hide your stories.
  • Both the applications allow you to show you’re the level of creativity as they have the feature of to add doodles on your photos with a range of colors. But Instagram takes you to a whole new level as it has a lot of brushes starting from glowy or fairy brush or thick and so on.
  • The cutting edge that Instagram posses are the AR So honestly you can turn to every animal you once wished for in your childhood. From dogs kittens to retro French lady, you name it into has it all.
  • Unfortunately, this feature is yet to be available for the users of WhatsApp. But we can rely on the developers that this might be joining the application in the mere future.


  • Instagram stories are more fun to experience with the exciting features like boomerang or rewind or the type of superzoom. Which allows to manipulate your captured videos and make it more interesting for the viewers.
  • On the other hand, WhatsApp approach is pretty straightforward and simple, and honestly, it shouldn’t be blamed. As before all this, it was merely a place where everyone used to write inspirational quotes only.
  • Instagram is really good to play with the algorithms of artificial intelligence. It also offers you to pin clip arts, texts or mentions in your videos and it moves along with the place it has pined. And yet again it’s also not available in the WhatsApp status.
  • And lastly, the WhatsApp status has maintained its dignity by having the type option. But Instagram yet again steals the show as this feature is also available in it but with better default backgrounds and better font types.


As you go through, WhatsApp stories yet have nothing to show something extraordinary, and Instagram completely outshines it with a far margin but it’s just the beginning. Since it’s one of the most popular applications in this entire world. So let’s hope for the best.


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