WhatsApp vs Viber: Choose the best!


WhatsApp vs Viber: Confused between WhatsApp and Viber. Struggling to find an appropriate and optimum result even after surfing through a hell lot reviews and comments? The first thing you can do is to go to the play store and download both the applications since both are completely free of cost. And you can have the self-analysis or you can stay in tune.

So here is the side by side comparison of WhatsApp and Viber that might help you out to reach a final destination.

WhatsApp vs Viber


Viber has a vivid and rich interface but it’s the perfect example that, ‘too many chefs ruin the food’. Since Viber is bloated with a lot of applications and features so it looks cluttered and makes it complicated for the user. On the other hand, WhatsApp decided to keep the plain smooth and effective interface. It perfectly conveys the minimalistic feature but can be a bit boring too with all those unchangeable green colored banners.


Both the applications support sharing photos songs, documents, and videos, however, the clarity is compromised and have a limited quota when it comes to sharing file. If you are fond of stickers then Viber can actually vibe with you, as it provides a wider range of sticker packs, in order to make your chat interesting and that variety is missing in WhatsApp.

Whatsapp allows you to put pics and videos as your status,  that will help others to depict your mood or how well your day went. This feature is yet to be available in Viber.


As both the application serves their sole purpose of sending text messages voice notes effectively. They also support voice and video calling. In that context, Viber has a key advantage since it provides crystal clear HD voice calling and has more experience than WhatsApp.

WhatsApp still struggles with reconnecting the dropped calls and shows connection issues for the maximum time.

Mirror forecasting is available in both the applications. Live message transfer can be seen from the WhatsApp official website and in Viber separate chrome extension is available.

The extra edge Viber posses are the feature of self-destructing messages. That allows you to share photos and videos with the recipient for a specified time and will vanish of its own. Which you won’t find in WhatsApp.

Group chats are available in both the applications, whenever you have to make an important announcement or want to connect with a number of persons in one chat room.


WhatsApp is always proud of its end-to-end encryption and brags about how secure the connection is. It also claims that you and your recipient are only two persons involved who are able to see those messages. Apparently, it’s hard to believe after the data leak scam to Facebook recently.

Viber also has the end-to-end encryption and is equally safe, there’s nothing to worry about. But with popularity comes the trust value factor that Viber doesn’t have.


Both the application can work flawlessly over 2G, 3G, 4G or WiFi networks. However, it is rumored that WhatsApp uses a little less data than Viber maybe because of its simplified interface, yet to be confirmed.

However, the quality of the video calling entirely depends on your networks strength.


You see there is a close call when it comes to choosing which application is better. I personally suggest to experience both the applications and go with whatever your gut says to do.

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