WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business: A better version?


Who’s the BOSS, WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business..? Get a grip of it here in this detailed article…WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business.

When you say there should be a fine line between having a personal life and that of a professional one. Intermixing of both the vital elements can be vital and can give you nightmares at the same time. So when you talk about professionalism it should be applicable to the virtual version of your life too.

WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business

There’s a lot of intermediating applications that can provide an open platform to connects you directly to your customers for the clarity and transparency purposes. So WhatsApp being exquisitely popular so it’s owners have decided to land into the heat zone by launching a professional version of called ‘WhatsApp Business’.

Social media is a big revolution for variable distance communication. From Abacus to Apple everything is portrayed for public use and Whatsapp is one among them. It is one of the worthy corners of connection with friends and family for free. This is the adless, individual or group messaging app used for voice and video calls, sharing media files, documents, and user location. It was founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton in Feb ’09. Being procured by Facebook exactly after 5 years, now has a base of 1.6 billion active users. Whatsapp web has also brought up a huge market by desktop accessibility.

WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business

In September 2017, it has announced a project of WhatsApp business which is launched in the early days of 2018. This is an exciting phase for marketers where the lead generation is streamlined and able to produce cost-effective solutions especially for the small business development who cannot afford to land pages and extend their market.

It is a new version of WhatsApp having fewer changes in the interface. Products from facebook are also shared directly to it with a specific share icon. It allows you to create an auto-reply, specifically when you have a lot of messages to reply.

Whatsapp business is almost having the same features as of personal one excluding the section for business settings in the settings section.


The interface of both the version is nearly the same. Facebook was convinced to keep the interface pretty straightforward and smooth. But serving an entirely different purpose. However, the logos are different for the sake of recognition and to avoid any sort of confusion.

Profile settings

In this space, you can showcase your business address, category, location, description and email, and website address. And the option to mark your location is so benevolent.


This feature is just similar to “info” feature in the personal one. It is all about how many people you send your message, how many people had read it and how many replied to it. It describes the figure of your daily activities.

Short link

These are used to make your business easy. It is just a normal link to get redirected to your page or group. It also has a default message customizer which is to be pre-filled by the customer.

Away message

This particular feature is to be activated when you are not active or inoperative. It has a customized message service which is to be sent directly. So, when you are busy at work this will be the ample option for you. Another smart move is it doesn’t work in groups as they are always indulging with there products. This will be the best option when you are attending a meeting or traveling long distances.

Greeting message

This awesome feature is helpful to attract your new customers through a greeting message for the first time or the people who are messaging 14 days after contacting you. It will so fascinating to welcome all new customers in a different way, it helps to connect with them easily.
This is also a customized message service helping out to manage too many fresh accounts day to day. It is also the easiest way to promote your business content.

Quick replies

When you are dealing with a business or a consultant or a mediator, there will always be some common questions and queries to catch about, and copy-pasting all the same answers is a whole rubbish thing ever. Here comes this eminent feature to solve this problem. Here you can add your common questions such as education, facebook details, course work, etc by starting it with a slash symbol(/). Type your keywords and questions drafted in this section and save your time.


The arrival of WhatsApp Business came with a lot of advantages which were missing in the conventional application. Listing which, you can have a business profile with your landline number also. Which wasn’t available in the main app. Yet it will release you from the burden of not getting one time passwords.

The message casting is also available in WhatsApp Business, which will assist you to access your chat through the website also.

One of the major drawbacks is, no matter it allows you to have two different applications in one phone but you have to register from two different numbers. Probably good news for all the telecommunication service providers, since this app compels you to have two numbers to manage your business online.

Since it is a new application so it is still in a developing stage. The developers are struggling and collection valid data to add new and essential features to the application. Since it misses few and important features like ‘Auto Response’and it also fails to deliver the analytics.

Since growth it the important part of every business so it’s highly vital to keep your track since growth is an essential tool.

To wrap up, it’s a good initiative taken by Facebook. Even though it has some cutting edge on features but still is in a developing stage and is hoped to get well in future.



These are well defined and planned for user drafted interface in communicating for different business types.

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