Samsung W2018 is a high-end clamshell flagship with a disappointingly small battery


Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 8 aren’t the only flagships that Samsung has been working on. While we wait for the imminent arrival of the Galaxy S9, there is a clamshell flagship called Samsung W2018 that the company has been gearing up to release and its images have been leaked via Twitter user.

Samsung W2018

Samsung has decided to return to the good ol’ days when using flip phones was still a thing. The only difference is that the Samsung W2018 features a premium build quality with powerful hardware present. Starting with the chipset, the Samsung W2018 features the Snapdragon 835, making the phone able to handle anything you want to throw in its path.

It is still confusing why Samsung did not choose its own Exynos 8895 chipset and went with the Snapdragon 835. Regardless, there is also 6GB of LPDRR4X that will deliver unprecedented performance when it is working in conjunction with the Snapdragon 835, turning it into a very powerful and very capable Android-powered flip-based smartphone.

There is also 64GB of onboard storage present plus a 12MP rear camera. For selfies, there is a 5MP camera and the 4.2-inch Super AMOLED display will make everything look brighter and boast a higher color gamut. All of these specifications are very impressive to see on the smartphone like this, except for one small complaint; the battery capacity.

For a flagship phone like this, you will obviously expect it to get a big capacity underneath the hood but this is not going to be the case for the Samsung W2018. It only features a 2,300mAh battery, so you’ll most likely be encountering less than satisfying talk time compared to the Galaxy S8, although this will depend on the resolution of the phone’s display as well.

Samsung will probably keep the phone exclusive to Chinese markets and we have yet to know anything about the price tag so we’ll keep you updated shortly.


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