Samsung trademarks Galaxy X, is a foldable smartphone coming this year?


As of lately we have been hearing rumors about a foldable smartphone from Samsung. If these rumors are something to go by then we will be looking at the first foldable smartphone from the company later this year. Samsung has recently filed a trademark for the name Galaxy X which we believe will be given to the that device.

Not much about the device is know more than what we have seen in the prototypes and the suggest that one of the concepts in work is a display which slides to becomes a 7-inch tablet and the other one is the clam shell concept. Working on developing such a display is quite challenging as the companies need to gauge which materials to use and how to make them sturdy that the display does not damage in use. According to the last info that we got our hands on Samsung has worked on a combination that can develop such a concept.

Samsung may have even shown a prototype of the device at  the private exhibition that was supposed to be held at the Mobile World Congress, in which some selected individuals like industry partners would have a look at what projects Samsung is working on. If everything goes according to plans, Samsung will showcase a Galaxy X later this year and then will push out 100,000 units initially to see what consumers think about the foldable concept.