Samsung Pakistan Promotes Apple iPhone 6 At The S6 Launch Event


Did you just get a shock after reading the title? Well, the story seems quite interesting. Samsung recently started launching the Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge in different countries and for a better promotion, Samsung had hold some exclusive events. One such event happened in Lahore, Pakistan where some actors and actresses were invited to add a little charm to the S6 launch event. It looks like Samsung’s plans failed. As soon as the pictures of the launch event came up, some actors are caught taking Selfies using their iPhone 6 infront of the S6 posters. The best we can do right now is to suggest Samsung to either hire a better team to promote their products or at the least avoid posting iPhone 6 pictures atop of their very own phone’s posters.



We aren’t yet sure about how and why did this happen, only Samsung Pakistan can better answer this. We suspect that its a very clever move mad by Apple to promote their iPhone 6 making the best of the Galaxy S6 event (Never mind). Have a look on the picture below and let us know about your thoughts through the comment box below.

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