Samsung Galaxy S8 on screen button revealed in the latest image leaked


Samsung will be unveiling its S-series flagship, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ next month and tech town is about with rumors about these devices. Rumors about features, renders and even live images of the alleged device have emerged in the last few weeks. One of the design details that Samsung has worked on is removing the home button that means along with that the navigation buttons will also be removed. This change will give way to an increased screen to body ratio giving the device a true edge to edge display.

So, where will the navigation buttons go? A new image showing the alleged working Galaxy S8 can give us a hint as to where they went. The images shows a device very similar to the different renders and live images that we have seen to date. With no home button, minimal bezels and a dual, curved display, this may very well be how Galaxy S8 ends up looking like. At the bottom display there seems to be a dedicated area for the navigation buttons which shows that now there will be in screen buttons on the device rather than them being placed in the bezel. This ends up giving the device a more streamlined look.

We saw a similar concept in an Apple render for iPhone 8, but in that the functionality of the navigation bar had been extended to make it a multimedia bar. We hope that if Samsung plans to put on screen buttons like the way seen in the device, they increase its functionality because why go ahead with basics when the possibilities are endless.

While looking and debating about the pros and cons of such a function, do remember that this is a leak and we cannot confirm any aspect, so take this with a pich of salt. Samsung will be announcing the dates on which Galaxy S8 will be unveiled at the MWC and it is expected to hit the markets in April.