Fix Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 Battery Life Issues

Are you facing the dreadful problem of your Samsung Galaxy A7 battery draining quickly? If yes, then we can suggest you few useful tips regarding how to address this issue which is common among the Samsung Galaxy A7 users. The key to solving this problem is to first pinpoint the root cause of this issue of a quick drain of A7’s battery life. Whether it is due to some of the applications in the device, or it has something to do with your battery settings, you can easily test and try the following suggested solutions and see what works for you.

Fix Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 Battery Life Issues

Keep that in mind, if your device is facing software issues then these methods will be helpful for you. In case of Hardware issue, you need to visit the nearest Samsung service center.

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Fix Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 Battery Life Issues:

Solution 1: Try Greenify!

So, there are a handful of applications available on the Google Play Store, which can resolve this battery draining issue. One of these is the app called Greenify. This is a useful app which can put all your apps in hibernation. As a result, these apps get activated only when you choose to. This app helps you control your device’s app launches as you want them to be.

The Greenify application also calculates the time period during which an app stays inactive. This app comes as a battery-saving app which checks on the power-hungry apps running in the background of your device. We guarantee you that you’ll see a great deal of improvement in A7’s battery performance after using Greenify!

Solution 2: Optimization Of Galaxy A7 ‘S Brightness Settings

Another effective solution for this problem is turning off the automatic brightness feature of your device. The brightness of the screen is one of the leading causes behind excessive battery drainage of the phone. Moreover, changing the settings of brightness manually can also help.

 Solution 3: Tweak The GPS Settings

You can extend your phone’s battery life by limiting the GPS location services in your phone which is quite a power consuming. The GPS location services are also used by Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other social media networks which drain the battery life. Optimize these particular settings to boost the battery life of your Galaxy A7!

Solution 4: Modify The Sync Settings

The Sync setting of a smartphone is used to deliver push notifications on your screen. You can turn off all the annoying app popups and notifications on your screen by modifying the Sync settings. Disable the unnecessary Sync features, but leave the necessary ones enabled. Exploring these Android settings can help you improve the battery life easily and effectively.

Solution 5: Uninstall The Apps Which Drain Battery

Check the apps which are using up the battery of your phone. You can do this by Going into Settings > Device > Battery. After that, you can adjust the settings accordingly. Turning on the Battery Saver settings might also help. Over-usage of the battery can thus be avoided by reducing the unnecessary app activity, disabling some apps and tweaking the phone settings.

While all the above solutions are useful and applicable, there might be some other issues with your battery that you might be missing out on. Sometimes, the battery is bloated or broken, which can affect the battery performance. Therefore, examining the battery first might help you. Just in case none of the above tips help improve your Samsung Galaxy A7’s battery life, you should consider replacing your battery.

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