Samsung Galaxy S7 is the latest flagship and no doubt Samsung did an awesome job, so far Samsung Galaxy S7 is getting good response but there are few customers who are complaining that they are facing battery drain issue. We have covered many articles on how to fix battery drain issues on smartphones, today I’ll give you some tips that will help you fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery draining too fast. 

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fix galaxy s7 battery draining to fast

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery draining too fast:

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  • First Goto your settings and the tap on battery, now check which is consuming the most of it. At my end it was Google Play Services. It was waking up my device without any reason, so you have to change the settings.
  • Goto Settings -> Privacy -> Privacy Guard. Now Tap on 3 dot for menu.
  • You’ll see a popup, tap on show built-in apps.
  • Now long press the Google Play Services until you see its settings.
  • Change settings of Wake Up, Keep Awake, Auto-Start and select Denied for each.


  • Use your device with the low brightness, use Auto brightness to control your screen brightness.
  • Turn off Wifi and Bluetooth when not needed.
  • Turn off location services (GPS).
  • Disable All apps running in background.


  • Use original USB while charging your device, also try using the 2Amp dock charger. If it’s charging slow you can try other manufacturers chargers.
  • If its not charging with charger, use your PC/Laptop to charge your device.
  • Boot your device in recovery and then charge your One Plus One.


  • Use Black Wallpaper on your home screen.
  • Perform a factory reset using recovery menu.
  • Install the latest OS on your One Plus One.
  • You can use different type battery saver application they might came handy.


  • Please try to charge your device when its on 30%-40%.
  • Make sure you are using original accessories to charge your device and please check everything is connected properly.
  • After connecting with your charger if your device is not turning on, leave it like this for 20 minutes. After that try to turn on your device.
  • If you’re still facing problems, it might be time to return the phone.
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