Samsung Bixby 100 Most Frequently Used Commands


Samsung Bixby is Samsung’s answer to Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant. The South Korean announced the Bixby application with the release of the Galaxy S8. Samsung even added a dedicated Bixby button to the Galaxy S8. It took away the home button from the flagship but added a new small button next to the volume rocker instead. This thing proved that Samsung had big plans for the Bixby.Samsung Bixby

However, Samsung didn’t release the Bixby voice with the release of the Galaxy S8, which disappointed a number of users. It took a few months for Samsung to release the Bixby voice assistant. Bixby voice assistant is now available almost everywhere in the world. You can update your current Samsung Bixby and it will automatically bring in the Bixby voice feature. Samsung has added thousands of commands in the Bixby application that you can view and learn what your Bixby assistant is capable of doing.

If your press and hold the Bixby button and tell it to “Show you Bixby Commands”, it will bring up two lists. The first list will be displaying all the commands that the Bixby can perform. The second list will be displaying the top 100 commands. The top 100 commands are the most frequently used Bixby commands. If you are interested in learning the most common commands to interact with your Bixby, here’s a list for you. Following are the Samsung Bixby 100 Most Frequently Used Commands.

These commands can be used on the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus, Galaxy Note 8 and all other Samsung phones that will come with Bixby.

Samsung Bixby Top 100 Most Frequently Used Commands

  1. Open Facebook
  2. Set an alarm for tomorrow at 6 am
  3. Remind me to take medicine at 3 pm
  4. Search for Treefrogs
  5. Set an alarm for tomorrow at 6:30 AM
  6. Close the Message app
  7. Play music
  8. Cose all recent apps
  9. Search for Tree frogs and share the results
  10. Send See you to David
  11. Flashlight on
  12. Take screenshot
  13. Dictate let’s meet at 2 PM
  14. What time is it?
  15. Open Bixby Home
  16. Turn off the screen
  17. Show me a list of my alarms
  18. Open Camera
  19. Take a picture in Panorama mode
  20. Flashlight off
  21. Say See you to David
  22. Find pictures taken in New York
  23. Go to
  24. Open Messages
  25. Turn the 6 AM alarm
  26. Open Gallery
  27. Show my history with David Wilson
  28. Calculate 5 plus 10 times 4
  29. Recommend a gas station near me
  30. Search for Galaxy S8
  31. Play Over the Horizon
  32. Close this app
  33. Take a picture in Panorama mode
  34. Call David
  35. Stop the music
  36. Turn on Bluetooth
  37. Optimize my phone in Device maintenance
  38. Navigate to the Golden Gate Bridge
  39. Turn on the 6 AM Alarm
  40. Show me the Bixby Voice language and speaking style settings
  41. Send a message that says See you tomorrow to David
  42. Show me information about how to use Bixby
  43. Play Hip-Hop
  44. Show me Lock screen and security settings
  45. Open KakaoTalk
  46. Open Calculator
  47. Show me the fastest route to the Golden Gate Bridge
  48. Show me Tutorials
  49. Go back
  50. Got to voice apps and services
  51. Show me the most recent picture
  52. Show me March 23rd
  53. Change the Sound mode to Vibrate
  54. Read the most recent text
  55. Open Calendar
  56. Show me my meeting
  57. Open Youtube
  58. Show me the time in New York
  59. Set the font style of the phone to Choco Cookey
  60. Find a route to the Mountain View
  61. Open the Email app
  62. Play the next song
  63. Show pictures
  64. What’s the date today?
  65. Play Purple Haze
  66. Turn off Bluetooth
  67. Change the speaking style to Stephanie
  68. What’s the day today?
  69. Send a text that I’ll be late in the conversation with David
  70. Show me the history
  71. Make a call to 1234567
  72. Delete all of my alarms
  73. Turn off my phone
  74. Turn the volume up
  75. Open the keypad
  76. Open Settings
  77. Show me how to use Gallery with Bixby
  78. Play
  79. Turn on the Blue light filter
  80. Turn on Wi-Fi
  81. Scroll down
  82. Open Bixby Vision
  83. Search Hip-Hop
  84. Clear notifications from Gmail
  85. Open Samsung Notes
  86. Download Samsung Pay
  87. Show me the Home screen settings
  88. Send David a picture by text message
  89. What’s the name of this song?
  90. Turn off the Blue light filter
  91. Change my 7 am alarm to 6:30 am
  92. Show me the most recent message
  93. Show me Bixby in full screen.
  94. Open contacts and call David
  95. Show tomorrow’s weather
  96. Open Clock and set a timer for 5 minutes
  97. Open Contacts and Create a new contact as David with the number 1234567
  98. Also, Open Contacts and Video call David
  99. Open Notes and Create a new note
  100. Open the Quick Panel