Samsung Announces Galaxy Blade Edge, World’s First Smart Knife


The world is getting smarter every day. Samsung has been managing to keep itself a pioneer in the world of smart gadgets, and we do see a lot of innovation done by this giant. This time around, Samsung has kept today’s chef in view. Samsung has introduced a knife, named as Galaxy Blade Edge. The name says it all, it’s a smartphone embedded in a knife, that has a blade on the edged-side. Galaxy Blade Edge sports almost all the features that the Galaxy S6 & Galaxy S6 Edge do, the only addition to this device are the cutting capabilities in the Edge. ¬†With the launch of Galaxy Blade Edge, Samsung aims at making the ordinary Chef knives obsolete. Samsung says that the Galaxy Blade Edge is so “Strong & Sharp”.


According to Samsung, the Galaxy Blade Edge powers up some specific sensors, and some particular algorithms have been used to build this device that make it 50% faster then the ordinary kitchen knife. There are different options to cut & chop different stuff in this knife. There’s a sensor that helps this device to detect whether it’s cutting the stuff or it’s going to touch your skin. The finger detection capabilities of this device help it to draw back the blade before it cuts your skin. Samsung aims to innovate a Chef’s life by introducing the Galaxy Blade Edge.galaxy-blade-edge-1-520x465 galaxy-blade-edge-2-620x437

Never mind! It’s a prank done by Samsung as April 1 is on the door, so, Happy April Fools Day!


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