Rumor Has It: Android O to feature new notifications, picture-in-picture mode, app icon badges and more


With the release of Android O around the corner, what new developments are we looking towards? So, will it be called Android Oreo, as tipped by Android”s SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer, all these are more questions regarding the new update are swirling in everyone’s mind. 9to5Goggle today updated that Android O will come with revamped notifications, picture-in-picture mode, app icon badges and more.

There will be some modifications made to the notifications. It isn’t clear what those ‘modifications’ could be. There is a strong possibility of design changes as we say in Android Nougat. Moreover there is a chance that Android O could come with Andromeda integration which would them push the possibility that there would be synced notifications or a smarter ordering ordering

With Android N last year, the picture-in-picture mode for Android TV was introduced by the company. This means that you will be able to sync your devices with the Android TV and have floating apps without any new tools. Along with that there will be icon badges for apps. At the moment third party applications let you know about the different notifications just by looking at the device, the same is not true for native apps. Google will be bringing this feature to the native apps which at a glace will let the readers know how many notifications need to be looked at.

Adaptive Icons are also being hinted at. These icons are dynamic icons changing that change the date or weather info. This feature is available with the Pixel smartphones via the Pixel XL launcher. Possible upgrades will be seen in the MediaRecorder API. This allows users to record audio and video. No hints have been given as to what those changes would be.Working on battery optimization, Android O will restrict apps from draining energy at the background. Google Chrome 57 was launched a few weeks ago and one of the features it has reduces power consumption.

There will definitely be more changes ahead for Android O that Google has up its sleeve. We will most probably be looking at more cool Google Assistant tricks and broader integration. Let’s see how this development unfolds.