How to Retrain Ok Google Voice Model in Google Assistant


Voice Model in the Google Assistant is responsible for recognising your accent. Once you turn on Google Assistant for the first time in your Android smartphone, Google Assistant will ask you to speak Ok Google for a few times. Speaking Ok Google will help Google Assistant to train its Voice Model according to your accent. This helps Google Assistant later on to understand every single command that you push towards the Assistant.

The Voice Model can sometimes understand an accent that you don’t want it to. This can cause a mess when it will stop doing what you tell it to do. If this just happens to you, you would want to change your Voice Model immediately. Luckily, changing the Voice Model is more than easy in the Assistant. Google Assistant comes with an option to retain the Ok Google Voice Model. You need to tap into settings to make this little change. Have a look on these steps to retain Ok Google Voice Model in Google Assistant.

Retrain Ok Google Voice Model in Google Assistant

  1. Open Google Assistant on your Android smartphone.
  2. Tap the three dots option key on the right corner of the Assistant screen.
  3. Go into the options of Google Assistant.
  4. In the options screen, tap the Phone option.
  5. In the phone screen, you will find ‘Ok Google’ Detection option.
  6. Tap ‘Ok Google’ Detection.
  7. In this screen, you will find options like Retrain voice model and Delete voice model.
  8. Tap the Retrain voice model option and then enter your phone’s pin if you have set one.
  9. Now the Google Assistant will ask you to speak ‘Ok Google’ thrice to recognise your voice from scratch.
  10. That’s all.