Nokia 10 said to arrive with a blistering fast Snapdragon 845 in August 2018


Among several phones that are expected to drop in 2018 featuring Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845, the Nokia 10 is going to be one of them and we are extremely excited for this because the HMD Global and Nokia have already made quite an impression after switching to Android but that is at a lower market section.

Nokia 10 said to arrive with a blistering fast Snapdragon 845 in August 2018

It still has to prove itself in the flagship smartphone department and that is where the Nokia 10 is going to be showing up. As manufacturers shift from bezel to bezel-less displays, the Nokia 10 could also get the same design and if we are not asking for much, maybe it could come with other features such as support for wireless charging and IP68 water-resistance rating. With the Nokia 8 featuring a dual camera with Carl Zeiss optics, the Nokia 10 could also come with the same configuration though it will be nice to have a telephoto lens in place of a monochrome lens.

The telephoto lens will provide lossless zoom capabilities and will offer more to the table than the monochrome lens. The Nokia 10’s competitors will range from the American versions of the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ and possibly the Galaxy Note 9.

Others like the OnePlus 6T will be more focused on offering powerful hardware and other features for a small price tag, so the Nokia 10 will have to decide which market should it be aiming for if it wants to make even the slightest dent against the competition.

The Snapdragon 845 itself has been rumored to be made on the slower 10nm LPE architecture and will be capable of gigabit LTE speeds thanks to its Snapdragon X20 LTE modem. While the major details have yet to come through, Qualcomm will be making them public. We reckon that more details will be provided at the CES 2018 trade show.

What readers will be dying to see is the performance and efficiency differences between the Snapdragon 845 and this year’s Snapdragon 835. There will be other features to look forward to, so when we have something, we’ll unleash it at the earliest.