Maximize a Picture in a Photoset in Tumblr [ Quick Guide ]

Here’s how you can Maximize a Picture in a Photoset in Tumblr. Those who run blogs on Tumblr they are we aware of Photoset feature. Still, we will shed some light on Tumblr Photoset feature below.


The basic purpose of Tumblr Photoset feature is to allow users to add embed clickable thumbnail galleries. You can add up to 10 images from your computer to your blog post. Creating photoset is as simple as you are uploading photos on Facebook, Twitter etc. All you have to do is drag and drop a photo. Moreover, you can easily resize the thumbnails according to specific Tumblr dimensions.

If you easily re-order thumbnails as you like, resizing will help set the proper format of your posts. In order to get your message delivered, you must have decent formatting of your post. However, if you want to feature an single photo in the photoset or you want to add the largest thumbnail size. You need to heed the following instructions.

Maximize a Picture in a Photoset in Tumblr

Maximize a Picture in a Photoset in Tumblr:

Follow the steps below and you will learn how to Maximize a Photo in Tumblr Photoset. Log in into your Tumblr account, select the blog you wish to post your photoset. However, if you have only one blog then you don’t need to select any blog from the list. By default, Tumblr will publish all your post on the default one.

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  • Click the Photo button, in order to create a new photoset.
  • On the next page, click on the camera icon. Select the photo from your PC, you wish to upload.

Tip: If you want to add your photo quickly on Tumblr, Double Click on an image to automatically upload it.

  • Now Click on the “Upload Another Photo” to upload another photo. Repeat the same process until you upload all the photos you wish to add in Photoset.
  • Click and drag the photos you want to minimize. Keep on doing this until you see a blue line appears next to the second image. Once you see the blue line release the cursor now, by doing this you have dropped the first image next to second.
  • Tumblr will now automatically generates a row of thumbnails for your photoset gallery.
  • Again Click and Drag with your course any image you want to Maximize in the photoset. By doing this you, the select image will obtain its own row. You can do this to all of you images if you want to Maximize them in the photoset.
  • After that, you can go with your post and add the content. In the End, Click on Post to publish your photoset.

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That’s all. You have successfully Maximize a Picture in a Photoset in Tumblr. Please do share feedback if you face any issue while trying our guide.

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