iPhone X reimagined with a larger display render makes you want to have a larger screen phone

For a 5.8-inch phone, the iPhone X features a larger display than any iPhone released before it but with razor thin bezels resulting in its diminutive size, the phone is much smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus when you take dimensions into account. One must be wondering if Apple ever had any intentions to release a larger-sized iPhone X, which could have been named the iPhone X Plus.

Well, your wondering time stops now because after you’ve taken a good look at these renders courtesy of designer Martin Hajek, you will know very well how the larger iPhone X or should we say iPhone X Plus will look when placed right next to the 5.8-inch newly released device.

According to these renders, the iPhone X Plus sports a display size of 6.7 inches, making it way larger than the iPhone X and much bigger in size than the Galaxy Note 8, which has a 6.3-inch Super AMOLED display. Comparing the two together side by side, the iPhone X Plus looks massive, which will give it several advantages such as a higher battery capacity than the iPhone X.

A recent teardown revealed that the iPhone X has two batteries that help it get an overall bigger capacity than the iPhone 8 Plus and if Apple uses the same formula with the iPhone X Plus, you can be confident that a full-day battery is pretty much expected.

Unfortunately, if such a phone was to be launched next to the iPhone X, the $999 price of the latter would look pale compared to what Apple would have in store with this phone.

Next year, Apple will be launching a larger display version of the iPhone X, so we have our fingers crossed that this device could be gentler on our wallets and demand a slightly smaller price.


M. Omer

M. Omer

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M. Omer
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