iPhone X costs around $370 to make in a completely different cost breakdown

You might have heard that the iPhone X featured components costs worth $358, with Apple selling the price at $999 (for the base version mind you). However, according to a breakdown of costs presented by IHS Market, the cost to make an iPhone X has reached $370.25. Even the research firm acknowledges that though the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus feature pretty much the same components, it is the former that is being sold for a hefty retail price.

“The iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone ever made, and it has the highest retail price tag of comparable flagship phones, catapulting the smartphone industry to an entirely new price point. While the iPhone X represents Apple’s biggest step forward in design since the iPhone’s debut in 2007, its underlying architecture is analogous to the iPhone 8 Plus. Both models share platform-common components, but the X’s superior screen and TrueDepth sensing set the phone apart and contribute to its higher cost.”

In comparison, the iPhone X actually costs $115 more than the iPhone 8 thanks to a series of changes introduced in the bezel-less iPhone. This will include the Samsung-made 5.8-inch OLED panel, which costs around $110 for the entire package which includes Force Touch tech, cover glass and more.

The use of stainless steel glass and other components ranging from camera to memory have all contributed to making the iPhone X an impressive, but very expensive smartphone. Still, the phone is expected to be sold in the millions, but there might be a ray of hope for those wanting to get a cheaper, but well-performing iPhone.

The 2018 iPhone lineup has been rumored to be a lot cheaper, and since Apple will automatically decrease the price of the iPhone X next year, it will give you the opportunity to purchase a well-crafted device at a lower price tag.


M. Omer

M. Omer

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M. Omer
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