iOS 8 Is released With Dev Mode and Quick Reply


Finally! Apple announced iOS 8 with a lot of new exciting features like Dev Mode, Quick Reply and much more under this new update. This can be easily done by just double tapping the home button and you will get the list of people whom you’ve contacted recently as well as recent apps.  Mail application has been improved, now you can edit and minimize the mail at any run time. You can even edit notifications with swipe down and access keyboard, for third party. Spotlight search has been improved and now you can search for movies, inside safari, mails, apps and pictures. Keyboard is in its updated version with words suggestion.Well, I have been expecting a big change in interface but there is nothing new in that . They have added few new features but nothing much,

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 23.04.31

You can create group on messaging, add and remove, share location, ‘Do not Disturb’ option in group messages, leave group and you can also send voice messages just like the Viber Tap Speak and Send. You can also send Video messages through messaging app very  easily send pictures in messages as well.

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