Huawei is in the Cumulonimbus – Hasta La Vista!


The US has become a Cumulonimbus for the Chinese tech-maker Huawei. It is not a Cumulonimbus that formed all-alone, in fact, its the Cumulonimbus in clusters. At the moment, Huawei’s plane is experiencing the extreme kind of turbulence. The chances of Huawei coming out of Cumulonimbus are meager. The Thunderheads can literally crash it. I am going to explain what’s happening and what’s up for Huawei right now.

Hell Breaking Loose on Huawei

May 19, 2019, is the day when hell broke loose on Huawei. Google announced to cut its ties off with Huawei. This measure came out as a result of President Trump’s trade war. Huawei no longer has access to Google’s Android ecosystem or any of Google’s apps. The repercussions of this ban on Huawei will affect all of Huawei’s subsidiaries. Not only that, but the Huawei consumers are also going to face the wrath of this ban. If you don’t know much about this ban, and as a Huawei & Honor smartphone owner, you have no idea how this ban is going to affect you, then, let me break it down for all of you.

For the past 2 years, the US government has been examining Huawei for the backdoor channels in its smartphones and networking equipment. According to the US authorities, Huawei uses shady channels in its devices to pull the personal data of users for the Chinese government. For this reason, the Huawei smartphones were never allowed into the US.

Huawei recently became the 2nd most popular smartphone seller a couple of months back, but it was missing the entire share of the US market. So far, Huawei was doing alright without the US consumers, but it looks like Huawei’s success had the US authorities biting their nails.

Making the backdoor channels a base, the US President announced a ban on the Huawei corporation on the 19th of May. As a result of this ban, all the US companies that had been doing business with Huawei, they were told to walk away from Huawei immediately. Mountain View-based Google was the very first company to implement the orders of the executive authorities.

Google, Microsoft, Intel, ARM, Panasonic – The Thunderheads for Huawei

Google announced that its pulling Huawei’s Android license. This means that Huawei will no longer have access to the Google-built Android. This also means that Huawei phones will not get any further Android updates. This also meant that Huawei phones will no longer run any Google apps. 

This action by Google will not affect the existing Huawei and Honor users, but the future Huawei or Honor devices are going to have a serious problem. In fact, at this point, we are not even sure if we will see Huawei making any further Android handsets or not. Now here is why I think this.

Right after Google breaking its strings with Huawei, a handful of US-based tech giants joined hands with Google. These companies included Intel, Microsoft, the US Carriers which were using Huawei’s network equipment, and a few more companies. As long as the news was limited to Google, Intel, and Microsoft, things looked bad only, but they worsened when ARM also followed the pursuit. 

The famous British chipmaker ARM announced that its also going to finish its business with Huawei. This is the worst news for Huawei’s Hilisicon and Kirin brand as it solely depends on chips manufactured by ARM. So yes, Huawei is definitely hanging up in the air with fire all over the ground. One more push and Huawei will be burnt to ashes.

Companies from UK joining hands with the US

As a result of the measures taken by the US, the network carriers based out of UK and Japan announced that they were also breaking their relationship with Huawei.

The EE network, which was all set to launch Huawei’s 5G services in the UK, it halted the process and announced that its pausing everything. Vodafone followed the suite and announced that it will stop the orders of Huawei’s 5G devices.

The Japanese company Panasonic announced that it was cutting ties with Huawei and 68 other companies of the firm.

This disaster is definitely as big as any world war. As off now, the bad news haven’t stopped coming in. Let’s hope things bode well for Huawei.

Huawei’s Future

Huawei might have survived well without Google, but with all those giants obeying Trump’s order, Huawei is literally strangled right now. Huawei has got a 90-day temporary license to get its affairs in order, but the 90 days will come to an end on August 19 and there is no knowing what will happen after that. The Chinese government has also lodged a protest against the US for this ban.

Its clear that if Huawei wants to survive, it must fix its ties with the US authorities, otherwise, the only thing we can tell Huawei is “Hasta-La-Vista”.

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