How to watch 2018 Apple iPhone launch event live


Here is how to watch the 2018 Apple iPhone launch event live in your country. The time for a number of countries is given here. Follow the instructions given here to witness the new iPhone models today.

From about 2.5 hours from now, Apple will be pulling the curtains off from its new iPhone(s). Since the company has to add the new iPhone pages on its website as soon as it announces the new iPhone handsets, it already started uploading the content earlier today. The backend pages of Apple’s website have already revealed the names of the new iPhone(s) and they are exactly what has been making the rounds of the rumor mills so far. The new iPhone(s) are named as iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and the iPhone Xr.

2018 Apple iPhone launch event live

Apple will host the “Gather round” iPhone launch event in the Steve Jobs Theater in its Cupertino HQ. Apple will host the live stream on its official website and also on its Twitter handle.

Watch 2018 Apple iPhone launch event live

To watch the 2018 iPhone launch event live, you need an Apple device having the Safari browser installed on it. Apple’s live stream event will run smoothly inside the Safari browser. As always, Apple is not going to be so good to the users who do not have any kind of Apple device to catch this live stream.

If you want to watch the 2018 iPhone launch event live on your Windows-powered computer or on your Android smartphone, you have to make the use of the not-so-good Microsoft Edge browser. Apple’s Launch Event link works fine on the Microsoft Edge browser, however, it will not work on any other browser like the FireFox or the Google Chrome.

To watch the event live, you can follow this link.

Here is the event schedule for different countries:

If you face any issues while watching this event live, feel free to reach out to me using the comments section below.

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