How To Disable Knox On All Samsung Galaxy Devices


Samsung, with its first Android 4.3, JellyBean update, added an additional feature to all of its Galaxy device, known as Knox. While there is a lot of conspiracy around the development world with Galaxy’s attempt at restricting its famous device using this feature, you can easily disable it on newer flagships like the Galaxy S6, and the Note 5 using the opt-in option from the Settings app itself. However, what about the devices that were implemented without the option to disable Knox? Should you care, and if so, how to disable Knox on Galaxy Devices? In this quick-guide, let’s find out!


Why Should You Disable Knox?

The first and the most important thing to note about Knox is the fact that it is one of the major factors leading to restrictment in Android devices running TouchWiz. While most of the applications available on the Google Play Store won’t blink an eye on Knox, the most famous root exploit developer, Chainfire has issues regarding it.

Without the Knox feature enabled, you can reset your flash counter, hereby restraining full warranty over your Galaxy device even when you’ve tweaked it heavily.

How To Disable Knox on All Samsung Galaxy Devices:

There are different ways you can do so on different Samsung devices, running different versions of Android. Android 4.3, Jellybean

 From the app drawer on your Galaxy smartphone, select the application named Knox.

 Once launched, tap on the settings option, using your menu key first.

 Under the settings menu, find for the tab named ‘Uninstall Knox’, and tap on the same.

 Reboot your device for adverse effects.

Using Root Explorer:

 Download Root Explorer, or a similar application which lets you have access to the system’s partition on the Google Play Store.

 Once installed, grant it root privileges, and wait for it to do its thing.

 Once totally set up, you can use the search icon, which can be located at the top.

 Once the search bar is opened, use your keyboard and type in the letters ‘KNOX’, and tap on search.

 Now that the search is done, there will be a vast number of files and folders named ‘KNOX’, with a prefix or a suffix.

 All you need to do is select all of these files, and delete them.

 Once deleted, reboot your Samsung device to enjoy privileges without KNOX installed.

That’s it for our guide to uninstall Knox from Galaxy devices, and to master it. If you liked it, use one of the buttons below to share the love.