How to Fix iTunes Error 53 While Updating iPhone


Few days back I connected my iPhone 6 with iTunes to update it to the latest version of iOS. After connecting iPhone with iTunes, I got an error message showing ” An unknown error occurred (53) “. Well, at first I thought it was just a server error but after restarting my device it got stuck on connect with iTunes logo. I started browsing the web to find what this error is and after searching for like an hour, I finally found few working solution. In the following guide, I will tell you how to Fix iTunes Error 53 While Updating iPhone.

iTunes is a great media player and also it help us to organize our iPhone data, but iTunes is not free of errors and the most annoying error is Error 53 and it mostly occurs while restoring / updating process.

fix iTunes error 53

How to Fix iTunes Error 53 While Updating iPhone:

Step #1: Wipe the registry clean: One of the most effective method is to clean your system register, you can do it by Clean Registry. It’s is available for both Windows and Mac. Once its done restart your Pc or Mac.

Step #2: Wipe Clean Junk Files: We use our browser at daily basis and by default our operating system store tons of cache and log files. It would really set things right if you clear all you cache and log files on your Mac and Windows. Once it’s done relaunch iTunes and connect your device with it.

Step #3: Install Latest OS: Some times your operating is not up to date and iTunes doesn’t support the old version, it may cause iTunes error 53. In order to get the best out of iTunes update your Windows to the latest version and if you are using Mac, do the same.

Step #4: Update Drivers: This is the very important step, make sure your device drivers are updated. If your driver are not update to date it can cause iTunes error 53.

  • Mac users can choose iTunes from the iTunes Menu and look for Updates.
  • Windows users can choose Help from the menu bar and check for Updates.

Step #5: Reinstall iTunes: The best and working solution i get is that uninstall iTunes on your Mac and Windows. Then reinstall the latest iTunes version, this will help you to get rid of error 53 on iTunes.

These are all the possible steps to fix iTunes error 53, after applying all these steps i hope error 53 will be fixed. If none of this helps you then i would suggest you, go to the nearest Apple store and give them to fix it.

for more information on iTunes error 53, check the following video.

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