How to easily extract files from System.img [ Tutorial ]

If you like to flash new custom or stock Roms frequently on your Android devices then you know the importance of System.img file. Sometime we need to only flash a single module for specific reason, but we cannot find the file from web and all what left is to restore efs backup and flash stock rom again, but not anymore today i’ll tell you how to easily extract files from System.img, i’ve prepared a step by step guide by using it you can extract files from System.img.

extract files from System.img

How to easily extract files from System.img:

Step #1: Download EXT4 Unpacker on your Windows, now extract it.

Step #2: Now download ext2 explorer on your Windows and extract it.

Step #3: After extracting both packages now we need an MKT based rom, download MKT based rom and extract it.

Step #4: Go to the same location where you’ve extracted EXT4 unpacker, double click on Ext4_Unpacker.exe.

Step #5: Once Ext4_Unpacker windows is opened click on the folder icon to add system.img file.

Step #6: Now that file is loaded, click on the save as Ext4 button.

Step #7: Choose the location where you want to save the files. Click on Save.

Step #8: Wait for the process to be completed, it may take few minutes.

Step #9: Now open ext2explorer and select the Ext4 image file.

Step #10: Once the file is loaded, click on it to highlight then click on the save button.

Step #11: Now choose the location where you wan t o place extracted files.

Step #12: Again you have to wait for ext2explorer’s process to be completed, it may take few minutes.

Step #13: All Done !!!

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