Now a day we switch devices often because after every few months we got our self a new device. That is a good thing I also do that, but the one thing that is most irritating and I am sure you all feel the same when it comes to backup and transfer data to another device. Today I’ve got a perfect solution for this fuzz, learn how to Backup Your Entire Android Device to PC and move it to any other device.


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How to Backup Your Entire Android Device to PC [ Tutorial ]:

  • First, you need to download and install [ latest version of the Android SDK Tools ].
  • Once you are done with the installation, Open Android Studio->SDK Manager->Android SDK Platform-tools-> Install.
  • Now launch SDK Manager->Android SDK Platform-tools->Install x packages.
  • Go to your Android device settings, Tap on About phone/tablet.
  • Scroll down and tap on build number for 7 times, until you’ll see “You are now a developer“.
  • Go back to settings, scroll down and tap on developer options.
  • In developer options set “USB debugging” to “On“.
  • Connet your Android device with PC using data cable.
  • Now open a Command prompt, navigate to where ADB is located.
  • Type the following commands as per need.
  • adb backup -all
  • adb backup -all -f C:\filenameichoose.ab

You can choose from the followings:

  • -apk – Backs up your apps.
  • -noapk – Does not backup apps.
  • -shared – Backs up data on the SD card.
  • -noshared – Does not backup data on the SD card.

For more information visit the XDA guide.

  • Now once you hit any of the following commands, you’ll see the following message on your device.

Backup Your Entire Android Device to PC

All Done !

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