Backup and Restore everything on your Android with Easy Backup & Restore [How to]


Have your contacts, call logs and text messages backed up from an Android device is one of the most essential things. It’s even more important if you happen to be a phone freak who loves to change a smartphone every other day. And if you’re one of the power users who can’t live without flashing a custom ROM every second hour, then having your important stuff backed up is going to keep you at a very secure end. Earlier, we posted the tutorials to backup Contacts, Call Logs, SMS Messages and other important data. The guides posted earlier were individual. The methods posted earlier were pretty helpful for the Android power users and other average Android users, but our viewers wanted a more convenient method to backup each and everything in one go rather then using different methods for everything. While finding a more convenient method I came across Easy Backup & Restore application. The application does what its name suggests.

Using Easy Backup & Restore, you can backup your important contacts, call logs, sms messages, mms, calendar entries, bookmarks, dictionary hits. To backup the aforementioned stuff, you do not need root access. You can simply backup this primarily important data in just a few taps without any hiccups using this application. We’ve given this application a try and found it working pretty well and for that reason we are going to take you through a comprehensive guide to help you backup and restore your important data. Let’s move ahead to backup & restore important call logs, contacts, sms messages and other data using Easy Backup & Restore.

Easy Backup & Restore also offers app backup, but for that you need root access. We’ve talked about app backup in our Titanium Backup guide, so in the succeeding post we will talk about SMS, Contacts, Call Logs etc.

How To Backup everything using Easy Backup & Restore

  1. Download and install Easy Backup & Restore application on your Android phone.
  2. Open Easy Backup & Restore application from the app drawer.
  3. Tap the Backup option, which is the very first button on the screen.
  4. Select what do you want to backup. The list will include SMS, MMS, Call Log, Calendar, Bookmarks, Dictionary and Contacts.
  5. You will probably want to backup SMS, Call Logs, Bookmarks and Contacts. Leave these options ticked and un-tick all other options.
  6. Tap “Ok” and select where do you want to save the backup. You can save the backup into your SD card, share it on mail or upload it on Dropbox, Google Drive etc.
  7. The application will create a backup file and save it to your selected location. Once the backup process is done, you will be provided with a list of logs showing how many sMS, Call Logs and Contacts were backed up.
  8. Once you’re done, copy the backup file from your SD card to your computer or upload it to some cloud service so that you do not loose this data incase you decide to wipe your phone’s internal or external storage.
  9. That’s all.12545929_10207613227021398_116142156_o-side

How To Restore everything using Easy Backup & Restore

  1. Make sure that you’ve previously created a backup using Easy Backup & Restore application.
  2. Now simply open Easy Backup & Restore application from app drawer. If you haven’t already installed it, you may want to install it now.
  3. Once you’ve opened up this application, tap “Restore”.
  4. Now choose the location from where you want to restore your data.
  5. Select the backup file now.
  6. Let the restore process finish.
  7. That’s all. You will have your data restored now.12545789_10207613226181377_344220991_o

That’s all with using Easy Backup & Restore. We hope that you find this guide helpful. In case you got any queries, reach us out through the comment box below.