How to remove Mac malware for free [ Mac OS X ] [ Tutorial ]

Mac was supposed to be the safest and secure operating system, but now things have changed. We’ve seen many malware threats last year. Today i’ll tell How to remove Mac malware for free, i’ve prepared a step by step guide. There are many software that claims that they can remove malware, but in reality there are the main cause of infecting your Mac with malware. I will tell you the name of the sites or software whom you should avoid to use.

In order to protect your Mac from malware or to defend your Mac from different malware, you’ve to apply the following steps properly.

How to remove Mac malware for free

How to remove Mac malware for free:

Following are the name of the Mac OX malware you should watch out for.

  • MacDefender
  • MacProtector
  • MacSecurity


Step#1: If you are using Safari and you get a warning about malicious software. Stop using the Safari at once close it.

Step#2: Go to download and drag the files to trash, which are auto downloaded.

Step#3: Now to make sure that these files are deleted, empty your trash.

Step#4: If by any means you think that malware app is installed. You have to delete it.

Step#5: Now open Utilities folder and press Command-Shift-U.

Step#6: Open Activity Monitor..

Step#7: Now close all process.

Step#8: Now look for the apps named as, MacDefender, MacSecurity or MacProtector.

Step#9: Select the app and Click the Quit Process button.

Step#10:Quit Activity Monitor.

All Done !!!..

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