Galaxy Note 8 Camera Tips And Tricks


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has got a very, very impressive camera. The dual shooters are a perfect setup to capture in the low light, especially the new live focus feature helps the Galaxy Note 8’s camera stand apart from the competition. Here are the Galaxy Note 8 Camera Tips and Tricks that you can use to master the new dual shooters.

Are you a camera-lover who loves to capture every moment in the lens? If yes, then today we are going to reveal the Note 8’s hidden camera functions you might not know. Samsung’s brand new flagship smartphone has been in the news a lot lately as the pre-orders started in early September. Note 8 undoubtedly did great in the market and exceeded everybody’s expectations in terms of all its features, but its camera surely deserves a special attention.

Despite being expensive, Galaxy Note 8 did impressively good in the home country of the company and gave a fierce competition to its rival, LG V30.  The previous two phones, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ didn’t come with very improved camera performance in terms of image quality and features as compared to the Galaxy S7. However, significant improvement was seen in camera with the release of Note 8 as it comes with an added sensor and an optically stabilized telephoto lens. Note 8 thus gives you an opportunity to enjoy great portrait and landscape pictures by adjusting few setting and adding an artificial background blur to your clicks. Let’s see how you can click the high-quality photos by following simple tips and tricks;

Galaxy Note 8 Camera Tips And Tricks

1- Use the Live Focus Feature

Note 8 gives an astonishingly great result due to the real-time adjustment of background blur. This particular feature helps to find the balance between realism and effect. When compared with the iPhone 7’s Portrait effect, blurring is much more and the result might not be as good and look as real as the Note 8. The Note 8 uses the secondary camera and forms a true 3D depth map. This adds a real touch to the picture and differentiates the foreground subject from the background. You will surely enjoy the Bokeh effect that looks certainly cool on the pictures.

2- Up the Game with Slo-Mo

The Galaxy Note 8’s slow-motion mode is quite an innovative addition and the results are pretty impressive with this mode.  Samsung has made this feature user-friendly and pretty easy to find and use. You can also find the additional extensive video editing features in the Gallery that are improving with every new smartphone.  So, start exploring these editing features to make the best out of your Note 8.

3- Take Dim-Light shots

As the Note 8 has a 12MP main camera with a f/1.7 lens combined and a great secondary 12MP camera coming with f/2.4 lens, both these lens work great together. They are optically stabilized and thus you can click a great photo in even dim lighting. You can even zoom in using the useful second camera and click your favorite low light shots.

4- Use the Quick Launch Feature

The fastest way to access the Note 8’s camera app from anywhere is the Quick Launch feature which proves to be really useful no matter what app you’re using in your phone currently. You can just quickly double-tap the power button on the right of the phone and open the camera. As quick as lightning.

5- Get Creative with Modes

There are some great additional camera features suitable for every kind of photography. You can choose the Food and Sports modes to Hyperlapse or even Slow motion. No matter how challenging the scenario is, Note 8 has got it all to let you experiment with a variety of modes and click the best shots ever.

Therefore, with its amazing camera specs and innovative modes, Note 8 has proved its uniqueness. It rightly is the talk of the town and is ready to completely blow off your mind with the magic of its phenomenal camera lens. Despite the Note 7 turning to be a disaster, Note 8 lived up to the consumers’ expectations. After the revelation of Note 8 news about two months ago, the phone has been sold in a huge number with a great chunk of customers lauding the Note 8 for its amazing specs. We recommend you to explore the camera of this stylish phone which has hidden functions so you can enjoy it to the fullest. This phone is worth every penny as despite being durable and sturdy Gorilla Glass 5 protective coat, this phone has been up to our expectations in terms of its camera performance as well. Note 8 is truly unprecedented in every way. More power to it.

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