G2 TweaksBox and G2 Xposed Modules For LG G2


Once upon a time, there was an Android device, without any root access stuck to the boring Android 1.6, full of lag and performance issues. No way of removing stupid apps and installing Custom Modules on it. Even after updating to Android 2.2 there was no hope of Customizing it. But then comes a guy who invented Super SU, giving Android users to get full control of their device. All the Android users are in deep deep debt of ChainFire, because of that. But rooting itself is not enough, then there were Custom ROMs, giving you many beautiful features and speed than Stock ROM, but then again there were a lot of risk in installing Custom ROMs, your device can be damage if you use it wrong.


Keeping that in mind, there were many attempts to give users a great way to install Custom Mods without any Custom ROM. The most successful is Xposed Framework. We have shared many Modules that can be used via Xposed Framework. Today we are adding one more to our Collection and this time it is exclusively for LG G2. It can be installed on any LG G2 running Stock or Custom ROM if LG G2 is rooted. Basically there are two Modules, both can be downloaded through Xposed Framework and Google Play Store.


G2 TweaksBox is the best among them and it will let to customize and tweak your LG G2 is a complete another way.

Theme Tweaks

  • Real-time theme changer
  • Gradient status Bar
  • Transparent status bar on launcher
  • Status bar icon colors
  • Hide status bar icons
  • Status bar clock settings
  • NavBar Color
  • Transparent navbar on launcher
  • Navigation bar button colors
  • Navigation bar height
  • Ring pad customization
  • Notification panel color
  • Volume slider background color
  • Date Panel background color
  • Divider color
  • QSlide Panel color
  • Panel buttons color
  • Notification row
  • Quick Settings background button and icon colors
  • List Overscroll edge/glow colors
  • Hide label button color
  • Hide Quick Settings
  • Hide Volume slider
  • Hide Brightness slider
  • Control Brightness level by sliding the statusbar

Calls Tweaks

  • Call recording
  • Set Call History as Default Tab
  • Enable Noise Suppression

Messages Tweaks

  • Exclude contacts without phone numbers in messaging app option
  • New Message screen off option

Lockscreen Tweaks

  • Enable QuickUnlock
  • Enable Rotation
  • Disable carrier text and icon
  • Use squared icons
  • Hide swype string
  • Hide statusbar clock
  • Show Remaining Attempts
  • AOSP Lockscreen
  • Knock OFF on AOSP Lockscreen

Notification Tweaks

  • Disable charging plug/unplug notifications
  • Hide full battery notification
  • Hide battery notification
  • Hide verizon notifications
  • Hide Quiet Mode schedule notification
  • Hide Airplane Mode Dialog

Sound Tweaks

  • Enable Shutter Sound OFF
  • Disable Camera Sound
  • Disable Safety HeadSet Volume

LED Tweaks

  • Change default led color for missed, incoming calls and messages

Misc Tweaks

  • Enable all rotations
  • Freeze rotation to the current one
  • Disable NavBar
  • Enable back led for more events.
  • Enable LG Launcher hidden settings
  • Enable Torch with volume up key
  • Skip Tracks with volume keys
  • Show Extended Kernel info

G2 Xposed is just an alternate for G2 TweaksBox, but G2 TweaksBox is preferable as it contains much more tweaks than G2 Xposed, it is all up-to you what you will try.

Downloads Required:

Download Xposed Installer

Download G2 Xposed

Download G2 TweaksBox

To use G2 TweaksBox and G2 Xposed, you need to install Xposed Framework on your device, Follow:

Xposed Framework, A Unique Way To Customize Your Android Device

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