Fix Bad iOS 10 Battery Life Drain


iOS 10 is no doubt the best of the OS series, but one thing is causing a lot of hate for iOS 10. Users have reported that iOS 10 has very bad battery life. In this Post, I’ll tell all the possible tips to fix Bad iOS 10 Battery Life Drain. Apple has added a lot in iOS 10 no doubt for that, but with all these new features one thing is getting affected like bad. As usual, Apple has no release no word for this issue and like always we have to figure out thing as we did in past. Let’s start the method to  improve the battery experience on an iOS 10 device.

Fix Bad iOS 10 Battery

Fix Bad iOS 10 Battery Life Drain:

  • Look Into Battery Draining Apps:

Let’s start with looking into the Apps which are causing the battery drain issue, this is the most essential tip to fix bad iOS 10 battery life. Head into Settings > Battery, here you’ll see the list of the apps which are leeching the most of your battery power, locate the apps which are taking the most, try to find alternate or start using them less.

  • Look Into Location Services:

Well, I find this option quite handful when it comes to battery optimizing, the best option is to disable location service because it leeching a lot your battery juice while running or if you don’t want to turn it off. Head on over to Settings > Privacy > Location Services now select only apps which you think are important and disable all others.

  • Hard Reboot:

It works most of the time, sometimes a simple hard reset or reboot will help you fix bad iOS 10 battery life. Press and hold both the Power button and the Home for 10 seconds, release the button when you see Apple logo.

  • Adjust Screen Brightness:

It will help you save more battery, all you have to do is Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Brightness > Off.

  • Turn Off Raise to Wake:

Raise to Wake is the really nice feature, but it can eat up your battery life. We can always use the power button to wake up our devices. Settings > Display & Brightness and then toggle Raise to Wake off.

  • Start Using Low Power Mode:

Low power mode will affect your device performance, but on the other hand, you’ll get more battery than usual. Settings > Battery and toggle on Low Power Mode.

  • Start Using Night Shift:

I am not sure it would be any help but it’s worth giving a shot. Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift.

  • Limit Background App Refresh:

Now this will really help you get more out of your battery. Settings > General > Background App Refresh>Turn Off.

  • Reset All Settings:

If none of this was any good for you, try resetting all your settings might give you a fix. Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

This was all If none of the tips worked for you by any means then in order to fix bad iOS 10 battery life, you have to Clean-Install iOS 10 on your device.